Hobbit Day | September 22
Fri Sep 22nd

Hobbit Day

On September 22nd, during Hobbit Day, Explore the Shire on September 22nd. Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' birthdays are among the festivities.


J.R. Tolkien's book The Hobbit and the trilogy The Lord of the Rings trilogy bring the Middle-Earth world to life. Bilbo and Frodo were born during the Third Age in the years 2890 to 2968 respectively, according to the tales. Bilbo was born in 1290 and Frodo in 1368, and translated to Shire-reckoning, Bilbo was translated to Shire-reckoning.

How to celebrate hobbit day on hobbit day

Join the festivities or hold a Hobbit Day party of your own. Other ways to enjoy the day include reading the book or watching the movies. Create a Hobbit-themed celebration.

  • Everyone should dress appropriately for the occasion. Hobbits live for a long time despite the fact that the majority of the trilogy takes place in the future. Bilbo and Frodo were born in Bilbo and Frodo. The costumes have a very medieval and mystical feel to them
  • Cakes, teas, wine, and ale are in abundance
  • A large audience is expected at this invitation. Hobbits came from large families
  • Make a big speech or read from the trilogy
  • Be merry and dance. Provide music, too

Use #HobbitDay to post on social media to highlight your celebration.

Hobbit day history

In 1978, the American Tolkien Society first announced Hobbit Day and Tolkien Week.

The hobbit FAQ

Q. When was The Hobbit first published?

The Hobbit, A. J.R. Tolkien's book The Hobbit, was published on September 21, 1937.

Q. What other books did J.R. Tolkien write?

A. J.R. Tolkien wrote several books, mainly fantasy, including The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and Return of the King. Letters From Father Christmas, a collection of letters written to his children dating back more than two decades, was also published by Hector.

Q. Is J.R. Tolkien's other holidays?

A. Yes. Yes. Tolkien Reading Day is held on March 25th each year, in honor of the author.