National Ice Cream Cone Day | September 22
Fri Sep 22nd

National Ice Cream Cone Day

Despite the official end of summer, National Ice Cream Cone Day is still celebrating on September 22nd!


Although there is some mystery regarding who invented the ice cream cone, the first mention appears in French cookbooks around 1825. The cones were waffles rolled into the shape of a cone and were originally described as "little waffles."

Ice cream cones first became popular in the United States in the late 1800s. Confectioners turned the first cones by hand. In 1904, the ice cream cone made its debut at the World's Fair in St. Louis. An Oregon entrepreneur in 1912 obtained a patent for a machine to make them. In 1928, he sold his business to Nabisco, and they now make ice cream cones.

Both children and adults alike, the ice cream cone has become a common snack. More ice cream flavors are continuing to be made available to please our palates, too!

How to celebrate ice cream cone day is a mystery

For an ice cream cone, ask a friend out for an ice cream cone. Can't decide which flavor is best? Flip a coin! An ice cream cone is also a great way to end a bet. It's worth being wrong when you get to enjoy an ice cream cone at a cost of less than $2 for a soft-serve kids cone. Tell us what your favorite ice cream cone is by using #IceCreamConeDay and posting it on social media.

Ice cream cone FAQ

Is there other types of ice cream cones aside from the waffle cone?

A. Yes. Yes. Ice cream cones come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and flavors. Cake cones are baked in a mold and have a flat bottom. Pretzel cones, chocolate cones, chocolate dipped cones, and cookie cones are among the edible containers to enjoy our ice cream from.

Q. What is a penny lick?

A. In a small stemmed glass with a conical top during the Victorian period, ice cream vendors sold a scoop of ice cream for a penny in a small stemmed glass with a conical top. They look a bit like a stemmed shot glass, with Called a penny lick. The customer would lick the ice cream out of the glass and return it to the vendor.