National Centenarian’s Day | September 22
Fri Sep 22nd

National Centenarian's Day

Many people who have celebrated 100 birthdays or more on September 22nd are honoured on National Centenary's Day.


Initially, the day encouraged people to listen to the tales centenarians had to tell. A wealth of detail was available thanks to their rich history and wisdom. Centennials are commemorated in a variety of ways as the holiday spreads. Often, listening to their personal experiences shows the age-old's belief that with age comes wisdom.

According to recent reports, there are approximately 72,000 centenarians in the United States alone. The youngest of those were born after the war's conclusion and the signing of the Treaty of Versailles. They represent a living past full of tales that were otherwise unhearded in history books. Their stories are both animated and complement what we already know. The events of the past are brought to life and magnify the events.

At the same time, their personal histories make something legendary for those who hear them. Traditions that people no longer use or turn of phrase have been traced back to be revived and shared once more. Traditions that people no longer use or invented have arisen traipsing through their memories. Their eyes are reflected by their tumultuous and experiences long forgotten. Every story they tell and every remembrance they share is a success.

How to commemorate national centenarian's day

Visit a centenarian and tap into a wealth of information, entertaining tales, and traditions from a time long ago. Their livesliness, uniqueness, and their longevity are all celebrated. To celebrate, try these other fun ways to celebrate.

  • Ask their sleight of life
  • Bring centenarians together for an online chat
  • Collect their favorite recipes and cooking tips from their collection
  • You should know that Create collections of 100 items related to a centenarian. For example, 100 photographs, 100 stories, 100 facts, 100 charts, 100 charts, 100 charts, 100 songs, 100 songs

To post on social media, use the hashtag #CentenariansDay.

Centennials Day is the first national centenarians day in history

National Centenary's Day in Williamsport, MD, was established to honor the country's growing population of centenarians.

Centenarian FAQ

Q. How many centenarians are there in the world?

A. In 2021, there were 573,423 centenarians in the United States.

Q. How many centenarians were there in 1950? In 1950, there were approximately 33,899 centenarians in the United States. A.

Q. Who is the world's oldest person? Kane Tanaka of Japan, the world's oldest person at the age of 118 years old, died in 2021. A.

Q. What is a supercentenarian? A supercentenarian is someone who lives to at least 110 years old. A. A supercentenarian is someone who lives to at least 110 years old.

Q. How many supercentenarians are there in the world?

A. There are around 700-1000 supercentenarians around the world.