National White Chocolate Day | September 22
Fri Sep 22nd

National White Chocolate Day

On National White Chocolate Day, Satisfy your sweet tooth on National White Chocolate Day, September 22nd. Enjoy it with pretzels or drizzled on pastries. It's a versatile candy with many ways to celebrate!


When is National Chocolate Day?

The national white chocolate day has a long tradition in the United States

This sweet candy holiday is being hunted for the source behind this sweet candy treaty.

White chocolate FAQ

Q. What is a good recipe to try with white chocolate?

A. White chocolate compliments so many flavors. Add it to a scones dish or make a cocktail using a white chocolate liqueur to start. Use it to drizzle over sugar cookies or cocoa bombs. Making candy with your favorite nuts, dried fruit, and a dash of spice is another great way to enjoy white chocolate.

Q. Can I add white chocolate to my hot cocoa?

Yes! Yes! If you like sweeter hot cocoa, try a few white chocolate chips in your steamy cup of chocolate or hot cocoa.

Q. Is there any other white chocolate celebrations on the calendar?

A. Yes. Yes. In March, National White Chocolate Cheesecake Day is celebrated.