National Online Recovery Day | September 22
Fri Sep 22nd

National Online Recovery Day

Every year, at least 17 million Americans who need assistance with a substance abuse disorder don't get it. Why? Why? Largely because of the shame and stigma associated with substance use disorders (SUDs) and the belief that treatment is inaccessible, but not so much because of the shame and stigma attached to substance use disorders (SUDs). National Online Recovery Day reminds us that quality substance abuse treatment and recovery assistance is entirely online, providing the highest degree of privacy and accessibility in order to reach the millions of people who really need it.


Today's telehealth technologies can be used to treat all sorts of illnesses. Mental health problems, including SUDs, can also be effectively treated and managed online. Not only is it convenient and usually covered by insurance, but private sessions via telemedicine also reduce the stigma of the stigma when providing quality therapy and treatment options.

Telemedicine provides quality health services, according to the medical community. Telemedicine provides quality care. The service's benefits are expanding beyond safety and convenience, as well as environmental and convenience. Telemedicine is also available in Telemedicine.

  • Patient and provider costs can be reduced by a patient and provider
  • Rural communities are gaining access to the Internet. Creates access for rural areas
  • Promotes improved patient satisfaction by increasing patient involvement
  • Support groups are also helping increase the availability of access, which includes support groups

Patients who have more options and reliable services are more likely to schedule appointments and continue therapy. Our access to medicine and therapy is greatly changing today's world. The possibility of a long-term digital support group for 17 million people is a possibility for those 17 million people.

How to be a part of an online recovery day?

As your next step in health, try online therapy, digital support groups, and virtual communities. The September 22nd also serves as an excellent opportunity to share your online recovery story. If you're posting, be sure to include online sources such as Lionrock.

No matter what the obstacles are, tionalOnlineRecoveryDay reminds us that getting medical attention and continuing your sobriety journey is a choice. Join the discussion by using #NationalOnlineRecoveryDay on social media

The national online recovery day is the longest in national online recovery day history

In 2020, Lionrock established National Online Recovery Day to raise the possibility of this healthy alternative to living a life in recovery. Lionrock uses technology to stay connected to its clients, making it safer and more private to not only get sober but maintain sobriety through a robust online support system called Their fully online services are also very popular. According to a recent report, 80% of Lionrock's patients remained abstinent at 18 months after discharge from hospitalization; that's twice the national average.

Online recovery has long been the most secure and effective way to get help with substance abuse. In fact, half of Lionrock customers say that they would not get assistance in a traditional setting if there were no online options.