National String Cheese Day | September 20
Wed Sep 20th

National String Cheese Day

It's time for America to stand united in favor of our love for String Cheese. Join us on September 20 as we celebrate National String Cheese Day. String Cheese, Snack Cheese, or Cheese Sticks, there's no denying that it's delectable!


Pack it for a picnic or a hike. Pass it out for a team snack. Of course, no lunch is complete without this delectable snack. String Cheese is the fun, fast, and protein-packed dish that goes with everything you do, so you've got to give it to String Cheese. String Cheese has so much "a-peel" with both children and adults alike, it's no wonder String Cheese has so much "a-peel." String Cheese melts quickly when heated, making it an excellent addition to recipes as well.

Choosing how to eat String Cheese is perhaps the most enjoyable part of String Cheese. Most people go for the classic "peel down and chow down" technique, separating each stick into thin strands. (After all, playing with your food is kind of fun!) Some prefer the "get down to business" option of removing the wrapper and biting into the stick. (Why wait to get the delectable cheese into your belly?) (Why wait to get the delectable cheese into your belly?) If you prefer to eat it, get your hands on some every September 20th!

How to celebrate national string cheese day

What is your go-to-snack snacking on string cheese? Be sure to print out extras of your favorite to share with others. Pack it in your lunch or enjoy it as a delectable snack. #NationalStringCheeseDay is a hashtag that has spread on social media.

History of national string cheese day has spanned history

Galbani Cheese established National String Cheese Day in 2017 to celebrate America's love of String Cheese. For great snacking recipes and tips, visit Galbani Cheese on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.