National Fried Rice Day | September 20
Wed Sep 20th

National Fried Rice Day

On September 20th, order up a side of Hibachi Chicken Rice to celebrate National Fried Rice Day.


Fried rice is the dish's centerpiece during this food holiday. The diners' hearts are captured by Its flavor, which keeps them coming back for more. Fried rice makes a complete meal whether you like shrimp, chicken, or beef. Spicy Chicken Rice is a popular dish to spice it up with.

To bring it all together, fried rice is made with a combination of long-grained rice, peas, carrots, and onions.

Remember that when enjoying a meal with fried rice, remember that it complements vegetables and protein equally well. Fried rice goes well with your favorite flavors, which is another good reason to celebrate. You can't go wrong with fried rice whether sweet, sour, spicy, or a blend. The celebration is simple because all the flavors and aromas add up to a memorable dish.

How to celebrate national fried rice day

Families and friends are encouraged to dine or order your meal to go on the day. A crowd is invited to celebrate. For delectable fried rice, order dishes to share or extra for delicious fried rice to take home. And don't forget to share your favorites, too!

Join Benihana by celebrating the day with a bowl of Hibachi Chicken Rice. Use the hashtag #NationalFriedRiceDay to post your favorite dish on social media.

The first fried rice day in history is a landmark in fried rice day history

In 2018, Benihana introduced National Fried Rice Day because high-quality rice isn't just another side dish to them; it's a fundamental component of every meal they serve. For more than half a century, Benihana has been delivering the irresistible flavor of their famous fried rice to generations of foodies. They've produced nearly 2,720,350 pounds of California-grown rice each year since their inception. Fried Rice is adored around the world and a key piece of the Benihana experience.

Fried rice FAQ

Q. What kind of rice is best for making fried rice?

A. Long-grained rice is the best because it has less starch.

Q. Is fried rice cooked twice?

A. Yes. Yes. It is boiled before it is fried before being fried.