Wed Sep 20th

National Care For Kids Day

Caring for children is the bedrock of strong families and society as a whole. National Care for Kids Day, which takes place annually on September 20th, gives you the opportunity to positively influence a child's life in a variety of ways, both large and small. That's because we all know there are many ways to be a role model in a child's life.


Every day in our communities, individuals provide educational and emotional support for children. For example, one person could spend hours reading to and tutoring children in need. And another can provide nutritious food for after-school programs. Volunteers give their time, or volunteers volunteer their services, demonstrating up at moments' notice. Some people are looking forward, with opportunities to influence young lives by teaching children art and science.

You should take a step forward, to act on your ideas, donate, and share your time, sharing more stories of inspiration. National Care for Kids Day encourages you to take action, not to preach and broadcast your time. It's a day to contribute to existing services and volunteer where there is a need, giving children in your neighborhood every opportunity to grow and thrive.

How to plan care for children day

Kids are so fun to celebrate, and it's also very simple to care for Kids.

  • Donate to your favorite children's charity
  • Volunteer with a children's service group
  • Make an in-kind donation. A charity may need a product, equipment, or other items that a charity needs
  • Stories about amazing service groups, volunteers, or children

When you celebrate, be sure to use #CareforKidsDay on social media.

National care for kids day is the first national care for kids day in history

The Designetics Cares Foundation established National Care for Kids Day in 2021 as a way to give their cause of caring for their families and children a national spotlight.