World Water Monitoring Day - September 18
Mon Sep 18th

World Water Monitoring Day

World Water Monitoring Day, every year on September 18th, aims to raise public awareness of water monitoring and acknowledges the importance of safeguarding the world's water resources.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you didn't have access to clean drinking water? Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you didn't have access to clean drinking water? Sadly, this is the case for many people around the world. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in every three people don't have access to safe drinking water. This number equals 2 billion people. Unsafe drinking water has a detrimental effect on one's health. cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea are all common ailments that result from contaminated drinking water.

Water monitoring is one way to ensure that people have access to safe drinking water. Knowing what chemicals are in drinking water is vital in monitoring water. Temperature, acidity, clarity, and dissolved oxygen are all important factors that influence water quality.

Water conservation is also concerned about the world's water resources. Doing so helps ensure that rivers, lakes, rivers, streams, and other water bodies are kept clean. Safe drinking water is becoming more difficult to obtain clean drinking water due to polluted water bodies. In countries that don't have reliable water treatment services, this is especially relevant. In the following countries, contaminated drinking water is the most common: contaminated drinking water is most prevalent.

  • Ethiopia
  • Uganda
  • Mozambique
  • Somalia
  • Pakistan
  • Nigeria

sewage, pesticides, fertilizers, chemical pollution, human waste, garbage, and oil are among the most common water pollutants. Boiling, filtration, distillation, and chlorination are all common methods to purify water.

How to track #worldwatermonitoringday on a nexus

The public is encouraged to help maintain local water bodies by water conservation organizations. It's also a day for the general public to learn about the quality of their drinking water. Water monitoring and safety workshops are also held. Workshops, conferences, webinars, and educational seminars on water monitoring and safety are also held.

To participate:

  • Learn about the quality of drinking water in your area
  • Take part or host a water cleanup day
  • Donate to an organization that assists people in getting clean water
  • "In Our Water" or "Flint" is a film that describes water monitoring

#WorldWaterMonitoringDay is a hashtag that can be used on social media. Be sure to post this day on social media with #WorldWaterMonitoringDay.

History of world water monitoring day has a long tradition

In 2003, the Clean Water Foundation (ACWF) in the United States established World Water Monitoring Day (WWF). The initial date of October 18th coincided with the enactment of the US Clean Water Act. The Water Environment Federation (WEF) in 2006 introduced World Water Monitoring Day, which was the first day on Earth Monitoring Day. To encourage participation in other parts of the world, the date was changed to September 18th this year.