Mayflower Day | September 16
Sat Sep 16th

Mayflower Day

The ship sailed from Plymouth, England, in 1620, on Mayflower Day. The Mayflower set sail from Plymouth, England, with 102 souls on board on September 16th, 1620. These colonists, women, children, some seeking fame, others seeking religious liberty, were later identified as pilgrims.


The colonists intended to land in Virginia, but they didn't land in Virginia. However, after 66 days at sea, storms and winds blew them off course, causing them to drift. The members of the Mayflower planned to explore the mouth of the Hudson River after spotting modern-day Cape Cod. However, heavy seas continued to wreak havoc on the ship. They returned and stayed at Cape Cod, but they didn't return and stayed at Cape Cod.

The Pilgrims explored Cape Cod and then settled on Plymouth for their plantation for the next few weeks.

How to recognize mayflower day is a musty reminder

Learn more about the Mayflower's journey. Visit Plymouth Plantation to learn the Mayflower's past. Learn more about the voyage and those who made it. Find out more about their decisions and the settlement's process. Read from their journals and walk in their footsteps.

You can also watch a documentary or read about the Mayflower. Caleb H. Johnson and The Mayflower and Her Passengers by Caleb H. Johnson and The Mayflower: A History of Courage, Community, and War by Nathaniel Philbrick will both take you inside the Pilgrims' tales.

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Mayflower Day is the longest day in Mayflower Day history

This day marks the day the Mayflower set sail for the New World on this day. According to the Julian calendar, William Bradford, the rebel leader whose journal historians often refer to for Mayflower history, was in possession of dates at the time. Both the Julian and the Gregorian calendars were used at that time in history (the calendar most commonly used today) at that time in history. The Mayflower's departure from Plymouth, England, according to historical records, there is a 10-day difference between the two calendars accounts for the various dates on historical records of the Mayflower's departure from Plymouth, England.

Mayflower FAQ

Q. Where can I see the Mayflower?

A. At Plimoth Patuxet Museum in Plymouth, MA, a recreation of the Pilgrim's vessel can be toured.

Q. What happened to the original Mayflower?

A. The original Mayflower has been lost to time and history. Since 1624, no trace of the ship has been found.