National Play-Doh Day | September 16
Sat Sep 16th

National Play-doh Day

On September 16th, National Play-Doh Day honors a child's modeling clay. Play-Doh had more practical uses before it made its way to the craft shelf.


Joe McVicker, a Cincinnati, Ohio, Play-Doh entrepreneur, began selling it as a wallpaper cleaner. Kutol Products Company was hired by his father's widow after his father died in 1949, his mother and his brother-in-law immediately hired him and his brother-in-law to help with the family business. Oil furnaces were first replacing coal-burning furnaces right around the time. It wasn't long before the wallpaper cleaner sales dwindled.

In 1955, McVicker began using the cleaner as a modeling clay in classrooms and daycares for students. A year later, as the product worked, he named it Play-Doh and he went into play with his uncle under the name of the Rainbow Crafts Company, Inc. a year later. In 1958, McVicker applied for a patent to shield their new product. However, the patent wasn't approved until January 26, 1965, but it wasn't until then that it was approved. GM had purchased the company by then, by then, GM had acquired it.

At first, Rainbow Crafts Company had only one color – white. But red, blue, and yellow followed shortly, and then black, blue, and yellow appeared. They were sold by the gallon by the manufacturer. They updated their offerings and 11-ounce sizes were included once more.

Around the same time, McVicker was playing Play-Doh, a new children's television show on CBS, began broadcasting on CBS. Captain Kangaroo was played by Bob Keeshan in the role of Captain Kangaroo. Although Play-Doh's profits were encouraging, they weren't exactly stellar. McVicker had an idea. Captain Kangaroo begged Captain Kangaroo to advertise his modeling clay on his show. The children's iconic modeling clay took off, according to the show host, and the children's iconic modeling clay took off.

Play-Doh was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame in 1998, in 1998.

Learn how to celebrate national play-doh day on national play-doh day

Go buy a can of Play-Doh and let your imagination run wild. Invite your children to participate in a creative marathon or post your best creations. Compete each other to create new and unique sculptures. To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalPlayDohDay.

History of national play-doh day has influenced national play-doh day celebrations

Since 2006, Hasbro has celebrated National Play-Doy Day, the company has sponsored National Play-Doy Day since 2006.

Play-doh FAQ

Q. Is Play-Doh edible?

It isn't that bad, but most brands (Plah Doh, play-dough, and other sculpting doughs for children) are non-toxic and unlikely to cause anything worse than a minor upset stomach if small amounts are consumed. If you do have questions, contact Poison Control or your physician. Also, monitor children as they play and check the age range for playing with the dough.

Q. Is it possible to make edible play dough?

A. Yes, there are recipes for edible play-dough.