National Step Family Day |September 16
Sat Sep 16th

National Stepfamily Day

On September 16th, National Step Family Day honors all the blended families that make it work.


Over 30% of the under-18 population of the United States live in a stepfamily environment. Families, parents, siblings, and extended family members, as well as a blended family, parents, grandparents, and extended family members, work together to create happy, healthy environments. Circumstances are variable. If divorce, a death in the family, or some other occurrence that caused the stepfamily's stepfamily, the most important thing is that they chose to be family.

When starting a new one, it's best to have a few things in mind

Professional advice

  • Professional self-help books will lead you through each stage. Although some people are opposed to this strategy, academic guidance and analysis provide a wealth of details. Select what works for your family's lifestyle
  • Family therapy also provides intermittent assistance. Many companies have assistance services that provide the service free of charge

Take it slow

  • When children aren't involved, rushing into a relationship is risky. Parents with children who are thriving stepfamilies take their time and introduce the new person in their lives slowly
  • Allow the children time to adjust to the change

Keep it light

  • Everyone will need to get to know each other, their likes and dislikes, and dislikes
  • Play simple games that bring out each other's personalities
  • Try one on a single time doing something your child loves doing something

The playing field is at a different level from the playing field

  • Choose activities that everyone involved will enjoy and are capable of participating in. Someone will feel like an outsider if even one member of the organization is left out. For example, a boating trip would go wrong if one family member gets seasick quickly. One member of the crew will be sick, and the remainder of the crew will be chastised for ruining the day

Children are encouraged to be loyal by their parents' permission

  • The father or mother of a child is the father or mother of the child
  • Your new spouse is the new person coming into their life. They are a step-parent. Their role is different from that of the child's parent
  • Children are overwhelmingly responsible for being courteous, kind, or even liking your new spouse. Let them know they are expected to be loyal but not rude or disrespectful

Former spouses and nefarious words are among the negative words and former spouses of former spouses

  • Children's personalities develop as a child's character develops over time. We're talking about our children's other parent. Try not to use negative terms about the deceased parent. Former spouses may be able to participate in family activities such as birthdays. However, if a child's other parent is not involved in the child's life, the custodial parent will explain when the child is old enough to comprehend in simple terms without using disparaging terms

How to celebrate national step family day

Share your tips for a happy stepfamilies. Use #NationalStepfamilyDay to post photos of your family on social media.

The national stepfamily day celebrations have a long tradition

Cristy Borgeld founded National Stepfamily Day in 1997.