National Working Parents Day | September 16
Sat Sep 16th

National Working Parents Day

National Working Parents Day, September 16th, honors the working parent, while the day honors those parents who work outside the home to provide for their families.


According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, around 61 percent of families with children have both parents working outside the home. When the youngest child is at least six years old, the number rises to nearly 6 percent for families. However, if the youngest child is under the age of six years old, the number decreases to about 56%.

Working parents face a variety of challenges. Although juggling daycare and schedules top the list, they also struggled to find time with each other and their children. It's often a balancing act that necessitates excellent communication skills, patience,, and a lot of love.

Working parents are often divided between home and work. Parents work opposite hours most days, so there's always a parent home with children. As a result, the adults seldom spend any time alone. They're always on the go, like many other working parents. Everyone has their own roles, as well as others. If one of the children is sick, each takes turns staying home. School activities and other special events are carefully planned. That's how working parents make it all come together.

Precious family meals, bedtime stories, family movie nights, and vacations are all top sellers. Working parents are paid their paychecks at these times.

How to celebrate working parents day

A parent's job is never done. Pat yourself on the back for working parents. Spend some time with your children. They'll be grown before long, and the hard work will be complete. For the time being, honor your tenacity and tenacity. If you're celebrating, please include your best tips and tricks for organizing your busy life.

Be sure to know all the jobs parents do and post #WorkingParentsDay on social media to share.

Working parents FAQ

When did moms start working outside the house? Q. When did moms first started working outside the house?

A. World War II brought a dramatic rise in mothers working outside the home. Women took up the jobs they left behind with many men out at war, while many men were away at war.