Greenpeace Day | September 15
Fri Sep 15th

Greenpeace Day

On September 15th, the movement that began on this day is commemorated.


This day, there is a call to action in the name of the planet. The day honors a nonviolent demonstration for change to air quality, reduce reliance on fossil fuels, use of plastics, and water quality. Environmental justice is a component of environmental justice. Conservation and preservation fall under their responsibility.

Greenpeace, founded in 1971 by 17 activists protesting nuclear testing off the shores of Alaska, now has a worldwide presence. Their campaigns continue to protect and protect the Earth, taking on environmental challenges and raising concerns.

Greenpeace day is approaching, so here's how to celebrate greenpeace day

Learn more about activism. Find out about the origins and how its influence has changed the world around you. Give a shout out to an organization that is assisting the environment. Please share your stories as well. You can also volunteer and use your voice. Take action and promote essential change.

And if you're celebrating, use #GreenpeaceDay to post on social media.

Greenpeace day is the longest documented greenpeace day in history

Greenpeace was established on September 15, 1971, when 17 activists set sail on the Phyllis Cormack. They hoped to prevent the nuclear testing that was about to take place off the shores of Alaska's coasts. The demonstration set in motion a movement that is still growing today, although the testing concluded. In honor of Greenpeace, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson, Gregor Robertson declared Greenpeace Day in 2011.