Crème de Menthe Day | September 15
Fri Sep 15th

National Creme De Menthe Day

On September 15th, the creamy peppermint-flavored liqueur used in cocktails and desserts is recognized on National Crème de Menthe Day. To celebrate, try your new combination!


Many of the liqueurs we enjoy today started as tonics and cure-alls. And we thank pharmacists for bringing them into existence. Crème de menthe (mint cream) is one of those liqueurs. Emile Giffard, a French pharmacist, investigated mint's cooling and digestive properties. His research led him to a crème de menthe dish.

Crème de menthe is sweet and mint leaves (usually Corsican mint) give crème de menthe its green color. However, when extracted, the liqueur is colorless. This version of the liqueur is called white crème de menthe. Both varieties have similar flavors and are interchangeable in recipes, so unless color is important, both varieties have similar flavors and are interchangeable in recipes.

For several weeks, the traditional recipe calls for steeping dried peppermint or Corsican mint leaves in grain alcohol. This process produces a natural green color. The following steps include filtration and the addition of sugar.

Several cocktails call for crème de menthe as an ingredient. Grasshopper and Stinger are two of the most popular cocktails. Crème de menthe makes an excellent after-dinner drink due to mint's digestive properties. It is also popular in the kitchen and used in several recipes as a flavoring. With ice cream, you can make a chilly adult milkshake mix crème de menthe. As a garnish, try chopped pecans or shaved chocolate.

How to celebrate creme de menthe day?

For the first time or the hundredth, try crème de menthe. Add it to a dessert or make a cocktail and make it into a cocktail. Stir in some chocolate for a mint chocolate flair. Make the day by inviting your favorite restaurant or dessert shop to celebrate the occasion. They deserve a shout-out for their innovative creations, too. Check these out: If you don't have a recipe to try at home, try these out:

e Squares is the focal point of Creme de Menthe Squares. Grasshopper Pudding

Embrace your crème de menthe recipes. To post on social media, use the hashtag #CremeDeMentheDay.

Creme de menthe FAQ

Is cream an ingredient in Creme de Menthe?

A. Despite the liqueur's name, it contains no cream.

Q. Should I drink Cream de Menthe straight?

A. You can make a cocktail, but it is more often mixed with other ingredients. A. You can, but it is more often mixed with other ingredients.