National Online Learning Day | September 15
Fri Sep 15th

National Online Learning Day

National Online Learning Day, September 15th, acknowledges the benefits and immense potential of online learning. It also recognizes the achievements of online students around the world.


This day is for you, whether you've ever taken an online course, used educational resources at a traditional brick and mortar school, or taught them. The day celebrates online learning that aids people in achieving their goals and dreams. It helps to cross things off their bucket list!

Not only that, but online learning provides valuable information to parents as well. The ability to track in with teachers and support their children remotely heightens the educational experience.

Education is more accessible and convenient thanks to the growing use of online technologies. Every day, students receive high school diplomas, certificates, college degrees, and credits online. These students are recognized nationally by the Online Learning Day, which gives them national recognition. Online learning continues to expand and provide new resources and assistance to students.

The observance is about students learning, educators' teaching, and family members who support this type of education. With your selfies and other photos, the aim is to foster blended and online learning as well as identify the student options available with this type of education. On Online Learning Day, become a member of the national online community! The strength of technology has smashed down barriers and created bridges in education. Adult students can balance teaching with expanding their knowledge, and today's youth can receive a more personalized education and learning environment, with online learning.

How to celebrate national online learning day

Participate in every way to show your love for online students around the world. If you're an online student or educator, know that your academic accomplishments made this celebration possible. On September 15th, share what online learning has taught you.

"Online Learning has taught me to _____" on your existing social media channels using #OnlineLearningDay and this phrase. Fill in the blank and then tag three people to continue the celebration. (Students, please note that you must be over the age of 13 and have your parents' permission.)

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The national online learning day is the longest in national online learning day history

In July of 2016, National Online Learning Day was established. With an official day focusing on the important accomplishments made through online schooling and the students attending, the online education community is acknowledged.