Tackle Kids Cancer Day | September 15
Fri Sep 15th

National Tackle Kids Cancer Day

On September 15th, National Tackle Kids Cancer Day will give you the opportunity to participate in pediatric cancer research. Join other Tackle Kids Cancer supporters by volunteering to mobilize our community and raise the necessary funds for pediatric cancer research. Did you know that only 4% of federal cancer funds go to pediatric cancer research? More than ever, finding a cure means more than ever. Our voices will be heard on Tackle Kids Cancer Day, which gives us a platform to be understood. Pediatric cancer research can be aided in finding a cure.


The day supports innovative research and patient care services at Hackensack University Medical Center's Children's Cancer Institute (CCI). CCI is leading over a dozen clinical trials to find aggressive forms of pediatric cancer. Most notably, their extensive pediatric neuro-oncology program is leading the way to the development of new protocols for treating this common disease. In addition, Tackle Kids Cancer funds the Cure and Beyond Program, one of a handful of survivorship services for pediatric cancer survivors in the United States.

Let your love shine through on Tackle Kids Cancer Day! Help find a cure for pediatric cancer by gearing up and helping find a cure.

How to celebrate tackle kids cancer day on tackle kids cancer day

Show your love by joining the team in various ways.

  • Donate! Your contributions support many programs, study, and pave the way to a cure
  • To find a cure, vital clinical care, unique support services, and groundbreaking cancer research are all required
  • Become involved by organising a fundraiser or volunteering for an event
  • Share your experiences as a survivor, parent, or researcher. Your stories inspire curiosity and help

If you're attending the festivities, be sure to post using #TackleKidsCancerDay to post on social media.

History of national tackle kids cancer day has spanned national tackle kids cancer day

To raise concerns of pediatric cancer, the Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation and the Hackensack University Medical Center Foundation established National Tackle Kids Cancer Day on September. More research and fundraising are assisting in the quest for a cure for this horrific disease. Tackle Kids Cancer was founded in September of 2015 and has raised $4.5 million from nearly 7,000 supporters since its inception. The funds are being donated to pediatric cancer research at Hackensack University Medical Center's Children's Cancer Institute. Tackle Kids Cancer, one of the country's fastest-growing philanthropies, has supporters from all 50 states and over a dozen countries.