National Eat a Hoagie Day |September 14
Thu Sep 14th

National Eat A Hoagie Day

On September 14th, National Eat a Hoagie Day is a celebration that is also known as a grinder, sub, or hero. To celebrate, you can also order a po'boy, toro, or an Italian sandwich.


On a long roll of Italian or French bread, the hoagie consists of meats, cheeses, vegetables, sauces, and seasonings.

However, the source of this massive sandwich is a little bit of mystery. The epicenter of the controversy appears to be eastern Pennsylvania between the DiCostanzas and DePalma's. Both lay claim to being the first to make the hoagie. One family is said to have been making the sandwich since 1923 and the other since 1925. But who has the evidence?

During World War II, shipyard workers in Philadelphia were delivering huge Italian sandwiches to work wrapped in newspaper. Another tale from the Philadelphia area takes place during World War I. The large sandwiches helped the employees through their long, grueling workdays. In fact, the workers branded the massive sandwiches "hoggies" because anyone eating them at one sitting would have to be a hog. The Philadelphia accent reveals the word's change. The vowel sounds change from "hoggies" to "hoagies" in a few seconds, according to the dialect.

One story takes place outside of school – almost literally. If a child skipped school, it was called being "on the hook" or "playing hokey" at one time. A "hokey" sandwich could be purchased for a price a kid on the lam could afford. "Hokey" became "hoagie" eventually, especially if the children were skipping school.

How to celebrate national hoagie day

Make your new hoagie dish. It's also possible to snap a snapshot of your masterpiece and post it around the world. Hoagies are vibrant, delicious meals that should be documented for posterity. Hoagie enthusiasts live on the wild side. Add jalapeno to your sandwich and announce your "HOT" new trend. "Hoagies Gone Wild" or "Hottie Hoagies" is the correct word to describe it. And for the love of photography, please send those food selfies to us. It may be that our Facebook banner will be used to decorate our Facebook banner. We may even give the person who gives us the best glamor shot or video of the hot jalapeno hoagie. Don't be concerned. It could happen.

If you didn't make it but your favorite sandwich shop did, be sure to give them a shout-out full of all the wonderful hashtags that go with it. >>>>>>>>>>> #NationalHoagieDay is a tagging event that takes place in the United States.

A national eat a hoagie day is the longest in the United States eat a hoagie day

National Hoagie Day's sources are uncertain. However, that won't stop us from enjoying the best hoagie we can find!

Hoagie FAQ

Q. What is the difference between a hoagie and a sub sandwich?

A. It's mostly about the bread. The hoagie is made using a sturdier, hard roll, and only part of the way through – like a hot dog bun. The sub sandwich has a softer bun (similar to a hot dog bun), but it is still cut all the way through.

Q. Is there any other sandwich holidays on the calendar?

A. Betcha a hoagie there is! Here's a rundown of the many sandwich days on the calendar: Here's a rundown of the many sandwich days.

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