Tue Jan 3rd

National Chocolate Day

National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, a favorite during many holidays, is a highlight on January 3rd. In addition, the National Confectioners Association has long known to celebrate this day as an annual event.

Chocolate-covered cherry lovers know how difficult it is to eat just one of these candies. The candy makers combine these two favorite flavors into one delectable treat, which turns into something irresistible. They also make the candy with a sweet liquid center and in some cases a liqueur filling.

Chocolate covered cherries are also chocolate cordials. They can be either store-bought or made. There are several recipes that mimic the taste of this well-loved candy. Either way, they are widely regarded as a mid-winter pick-me-up by many.


Q. Who can enjoy chocolate covered cherries?

A. Anyone who likes chocolate and cherries even a little bit.   Q. How do the cherries get coated in chocolate? Chocolate covered cherries are made by several methods by

  • Shell molding: The chocolate is poured into a mold. The cherry and syrup are added as it hardens. To seal the cherry and syrup inside, another bit of chocolate is drizzled over the opening
  • Enrobing: Chocolate is poured over the cherry to coat it
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