National Sober Day | September 14
Thu Sep 14th

National Sober Day

On September 14th, we can commemorate Sober life and bring an end to heroin use. The entire day focuses on showing love for those who live in sobriety. Not only that, but the observance sets a bar for the entire world that being sober is fine. By going sober, you can help your friends and family members return to health.


The day, ideally scheduled during National Recovery Month, promotes removing the stigma associated with heroin use. It opens the lines of communication that lead to greater understanding. The day gives the opportunity to develop educated support networks. It also improves existing ones. Systems are more effective when they are paved with an alert, loving, and cheering section. Isn't it easier to get back to work when we have a solid support system?

One day fuels more help and knowledge, resulting in long-term sobriety. That's something to celebrate! A link is the antithesis of heroin use. This holiday will serve as a model for future generations as well. Future generations will be emboldened by the day's success of living alcohol-free by demonstrating how to live life alcohol-free.

How to Observe National Sober Day is a national sober day

Spend the day sober. While that may seem straightforward enough, it may be a challenge to others. Start by finding recipes for delectable mocktails. Plan activities that don't appear to have alcohol aren't requiring alcohol to have fun. Enjoy the day! Do what you and your family members enjoy doing by all means. Just remove alcohol from the equation. A friend or family member in need of assistance is calling, text, or email a friend or family member in need of assistance. Let them know that you support their sobriety. Tell them how you will spend this day alcohol-free.

Share your experiences on social media using the hashtag #NationalSoberDay to highlight your experiences.

National Sober Day is the longest in national sober day history

In 2019, National Sober Day was established to encourage us to celebrate Sober life and bring awareness of heroin use. You are never alone in your sobriety.

Sober FAQ

Q. What other sober activities can I do?

A. Choose activities that make it impossible to drink alcohol. For example, you can play or learn to play an instrument. Some other suggestions include:: Some other suggestions include::

  • Visit a museum
  • Join a recreation league
  • Invite friends to prepare a big meal or make freezer meals
  • Go to the library and read the books you've been wanting to read
  • A tea, coffee, or mocktail tasting party is held at the Host's tea, coffee, or mocktail tasting party
  • Learn a new craft and invite others to join you
  • Travel Both a day trip or one around the country – either one will do!
  • Join a band
  • Host a book group
  • Go hiking
  • Volunteer
  • Take your children, nephews, nieces, or cousins to the park

You can do all of these activities with others. Some of them are even better than others are involved, and others are even better when they are included. So call a friend and decide something new to do.

Q. Is there any other sober-related days on the calendar?

A. Yes. Yes. Two days on the calendar designed to promote recovery and sober living are National Mocktail Week and National Online Recovery Day.