National Bald is Beautiful Day | September 13
Wed Sep 13th

National Bald Is Beautiful Day

On September 13th, the National Bald is Beautiful Day honors noggins without hair on September 13th. Being bald brings beauty all its own.


Not only does baldness come in various forms, but it also comes with some ease. The cost of hair products and haircuts has been reduced for men, particularly for men. In addition, a time saver for men who have no more hair must be a relief.

However, hair loss can be both male and female. Most people want to maintain their hair for as long as possible, whether it's due to sickness, medications, family history, or age.

Bald is stunning in so many ways. We lose our confidence in our hair by going bald. Baldness is a vulnerability. Many that have hair loss of any kind are aware of this. Facing it head-on by displaying what once seemed to be a mantel of glory takes courage.

Some people may prefer baldness over others. The beauty of hair care is more than they have time for. They prefer the shiny and smooth pate over regular haircut maintenance. However, once shorn, they do need to maintain the shave and wear sun protection. The newly shorn scalp is sensitive to the sun.

Whatever the reason, most people are baldness free. Some people are even compelled to help a friend who is suffering from an illness. Their unity is a visual reminder that they are not alone.

It's a beautiful day to learn how to celebrate national baldness

There are no need for hats, scarves, or cover-ups of any kind. Let it all shine! Other ways to celebrate include:: Here are some other ways to celebrate:

  • A friend who wears their baldness with savvy is given a shout out
  • A Bald is Beautiful group is organized by a Bald is Beautiful group
  • Trade advice and scalp care secrets
  • Try breaking a world record for the most bald people gathered in one place. If you do, be sure to let us know as well
  • If you're looking for a way to cope with hair loss

Use the hashtag #NationalBaldIsBeautifulDay on social media to post photos of your chrome beauty.

Bald is Beautiful Day is a project of John Capps of Moorehead City, NC. Over 50 years ago, John Bald Headed Men's Convention was established to honor men who celebrated their baldness. John was looking for a job with a bank but was told his baldness did not fit the Bank's corporate image, which was dissatisfied with the rebuff. He referred to his father, who suggested establishing a group to recognize Bald is Beautiful. The convention took place in Moorehead City for the second weekend in September each year. Capps' Printing began Capps' Printing and operated a profitable company for many years, as well as a world-recognized leader of the local Rotary Club.

Bald FAQ

Q. If I'm bald, do I have to wear sunblock on my head?

A. Yes, if the scalp is exposed to the sun, you should wear sunblock. The scalp does need sun protection just as well as any other skin. To shield from sun damage, you can also wear a hat, skullcap, bandana, or other head covering.

Q. Is it possible for hair loss due to illness?

A. Yes, and some surgical procedures may cause hair loss. However, hair loss due to heredity is more common. Hair loss can also be caused by certain types of alopecia, cancer treatment, stress, age, and hormones.