Report Medicare Fraud Day | September 12
Tue Sep 12th

National Report Medicare Fraud Day

The National Report Medicare Fraud Day, September 12th, is the National Report Medicare Fraud Day. We're all affected by Medicare scams. Ten percent of all Medicare funds are lost due to fraud. Medicare spends $650 billion a year on Medicare, while Medicare fraud loses $65 billion a year to Medicare scams. No wonder we have a national health care crisis.


We can report Medicare fraud in two specific ways, and each one has very different results. One is to blow the whistle under the Department of Justice (DOJ) reward scheme, which pays 15% to 25% of the amount DOJ recovers. The average DOJ reward for reporting Medicare fraud is $690,000. Some awards have been as high as $150 million!

In addition,, if you report fraud under the DOJ program, the government must open an investigation and notify you of the findings. Today, over three-fourths of the government's Medicare fraud lawsuits are DOJ whistleblower reward cases. According to this, the government is counting on whistleblowers to submit Medicare fraud cases to DOJ and receive a certificate for their efforts.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which administers Medicare, is the other way to report fraud directly. (CMS) is the Medicare program's administrator. You can report fraud to CMS either on its website or by calling its hotline.

The National Report Medicare Fraud Day not only alerts the amount of Medicare fraud, but it also provides the public with concrete instructions for reporting it.

How to celebrate report medicare fraud day?

It's time to put an end to fraudulent Medicare claims! Become a part of the solution. Visit the website ( to learn more about it. You can also download a free e-book with step-by-step instructions for reporting Medicare fraud. It is the only place you can find out about reporting Medicare fraud.

On social media, post #ReportMedicareFraudDay to share and track this day.

History of fraud day in the United States national report medicare fraud day

In 2017, Hesch Firm, LLC founded National Report Medicare Fraud Day, LLC. Joel D. Hesch, the founding attorney, spent more than 15 years in the DOJ's whistleblower reward office before retiring. Mr. Hesch now exclusively represents whistleblowers around the country in filing for compensation for reporting fraud.

He wrote a free e-book and created a website to ensure that the public knows how to properly report Medicare fraud and follow the steps required to be eligible for a reward. Visit the website: