National Make Your Bed Day | September 11
Mon Sep 11th

National Make Your Bed Day

Every year on September 11th, National Make Your Bed Day reminds us of all the benefits that a well-made bed provides each year.


At some point, we all need to sleep. And getting a good night's sleep gives us the opportunity to recharge. Although we can't always get a good night's sleep, we can make some changes to improve our sleep habits. Do you want to get a good night's sleep? According to the National Sleep Foundation, making your bed will help improve your sleep by reducing the amount of tossing, turning, and restlessness we encounter. Reducing all the chaos in the bedroom brings great returns, as well as good health!

Participants in a Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program learn that the sleep environment is a key component of a restful night's sleep. People who make their bed daily more often have a better night's sleep, according to a National Sleep Foundation survey. Fresh sheets, dark and cool rooms, as well as convenient mattresses and pillows can all play a role in mastering sleep comfort.

Besides the ease of sleep, a well-made bed's aesthetic appeal draws us to slumber. A traditionally made bed calls to us, almost like a blank canvas draws an artist to paint. Who wants to face crumpled sheets and twisted blankets at the end of the day? Our bed and bedroom should be a sanctuary. And after our bed is made, very little is expected of us other than to slip between the sheets. We're exhausted, we ask for no more demands from the day, least of all from our bed.

How to make your own bed day from scratch

Make your bed. Make Your Bed Day is the day to make your bed if not in the habit of making your bed. Use this observance to kick off this healthy habit. Invite the entire family to join you. Also small children can help. And we all know that starting healthy habits early in life can last a lifetime.

Other ways to commemorate the day include:: Here are some other ways to commemorate the day.

  • New bedding is in the spotlight when it comes
  • Tips for making a bed
  • Images of your well-made bed from the New York Post
  • Make it a competition! Have the whole family race set a timer and have the whole family run The fastest and best bed makers win!
  • Whether they live with you or not, they can challenge others to make their beds
  • Try bouncing a quarter off your bed after it's made, military style

To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalMakeYourBedDay.

History of the United States national make your bed day in history has spanned history

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Make Your Bed FAQ

Q. What is the argument about making your bed? "You made your bed, now lie in it" is the idiom. It means that a person will have to deal with the repercussions of their behavior. "Sleep in the bed you made," another way to say it is.

Q. How fold a fitted sheet? Q. How do you fold a fitted sheet?

A. Very carefully. Or by using a little bit of math.

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