National Share Your Care Day September 9
Sat Sep 9th

Share Your Care Day


On September 9, Care BearsTM Share Your Care Day is an annual event that takes place.

Care Bears are on a worldwide mission to spread caring, sharing, love, marriage, acceptance, fun, and happiness to those you love everyday.

The Care Bears toy line was first introduced in 1983 to caring fans around the world. 90 million plush bears have been sold at supermarkets in the last ten years alone.

All Care Bears are unique, and each one has a specialized belly badge that reflects his or her role and personality, such as Tenderheart Bear, Harmony Bear, Share Bear, Cheer Bear, and Grumpy Bear, among other things. They live in Care-a-Lot, a far-away place in the clouds, and they are part of the Kingdom of Caring.

The Care Bears have heart and are all about love, caring, and sharing, at their core. The United Way, Operation Smile, and many others are among the Care Bars' major supporters of charities around the world that support families in need, including the United Way, Operation Smile, and many others.

The Care Bears are hoping to raise national awareness for a campaign called #ShareYourCare, in the hopes of boosting caring, sharing, love, marriage, equality, fun, happiness, compassion, and philanthropic generosity not only today but every day of the year.

Do something nice for someone today. Take a friend or family friend to lunch. #ShareYourCare may be small, simple tasks such as sharing a toy with your sibling, emptying the garbage for your Mom, or assisting an elderly neighbor across the street. It can also be bigger things, such as planting a tree, buying coffee or lunch for a homeless person, or volunteering for a charity. Every day, the Care Bears want to encourage you to be generous, think of others, and #ShareYourCare.


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