International Literacy Day - September 8
Fri Sep 8th

International Literacy Day

International Literacy Day is September 8th, and around the world, Encouraging and supporting literacy. The day focuses on the importance and value of literacy.

Individuals aren't the only ones who are important, but societies as a whole. Literacy is a matter of honor and human rights, according to some. Literacy is also a vital component of education. Even more life expectancy is increased by the ability to read and write.

775 million people around the world are illiterate, despite its importance. Women account for two-thirds of those who can't read. There are 155 million children around the world who are currently not attending school. A lack of school attendance is a significant predictor of a child's risk of being illiterate. The global literacy rate stands at 82 percent. The literacy rate in most countries has stagnated.

During Literacy Day around the world, communities, companies, and governments celebrate literacy. They also look at the literacy challenges around the world. It has been reported that higher illiteracy rates coincide with rising poverty levels around the world.

International Literacy Day was the most significant day on the calendar, according to the World Literacy Foundation.

How to celebrate #internationalliteracyday

Volunteering at your local library is one way to participate. You can read to the children, sparking a love for books and reading. When adults read to children, it instills in them a desire to learn how to read. You may also be able to help someone who is struggling to learn how to read or write.

Another way to commemorate this day is to contribute to an organization that promotes literacy. The World Literacy Foundation is just one of many. The World Literacy Foundation is just one of many. Libraries accept donations as well. Consider committing to being a lifelong supporter of your public library.

Many people in history have attributed reading and writing to their success. Frederick Douglas, a slave who became an abolitionist and prolific writer, is an abolitionist and prolific writer.

Discover inspirational quotes about literacy from this website. You could even find or make your own memes. #InternationalLiteracyDay is a hashtag that has spread on social media.

History of the international literacy day has long existed

UNESCO declared September 8th as International Literacy Day on October 26, 1966. International Literacy Day has been celebrated around the world each year since 1967.

In recent years, there has been a theme associated with International Literacy Day. Some of the themes have been included: Some of the themes have included: Some of the themes have included:

  • "Literacy Sustains Development" (2006: "Literacy Sustains Development" (Literacy Sustains Development"
  • "Literacies for the 21st Century" in 2013: "Literacies for the 21st Century," "Literacies for the 21st Century"
  • "Reading the Past, Writing the Future" in 2016. "Reading the Past, Writing the Future" in 2016
  • "Literacy in a Digital Age" in 2017: "Literacy in a Digital Age"
  • "Literacy and Multilingualism" in 2019: "Literacy and Multilingualism" is the theme of "Literacy and Multilingualism"