National New Hampshire Day | September 7
Thu Sep 7th

National New Hampshire Day

We recognize each state in the order they entered the union, beginning with Hawaii and ending with Hawaii on Independence Day. We feature a small part of each state's past, foods, and the people who make up the state. There's so much more to discover, we can't help but celebrate our beautiful country even more.


Quotable quotes

If you've ever wondered where the word "not yet active" stems from, take a look at John Paul Jones, one of New Hampshire's most notable naval officers.

The state's motto, "Live Free or Die," is the state's motto. John Stark, another pioneer hero, gets the credit for it. "Live free or die, death is not the greatest of evils," Stark's full quote says in a written toast in honor of the Battle of Bennington's centennial. Although he was not the first to announce the decision to live free or die, his toast summed up the country's contribution to democracy.


More than noble quotes can be found in New Hampshire's history. Many firsts are included in the timeline. The first potatoes were transported to North America by Scotch-Irish settlers in 1719. The settlers planted them in the Nutfield settlement, now known as Londonderry.

He began another all-important journey before Paul Revere's famous ride. Revere rode the 55 miles from Boston to Portsmouth in 1774 to warn the people of an imminent seizure of Fort William and Mary. The village screamed the fort and took responsibility of the ammunition before the British arrived, but the British arrived.

Politics and more

New Hampshire became the first state to establish an independent government in New Hampshire. The state also established the first written constitution.

The new owner reduced the wages of only the female textile mill workers in 1828, when ownership changed hands at the Cocheco Manufacturing Company. The owners introduced even stricter labor standards on its employees, adding to the already difficult work and long days. About 400 of the female employees walked out on December 30th, frustrated. It was the country's first all-female war. The strike ended, and resulted in many of the striking workers returning to work at even lower wages.

The state also holds its primaries before every other state. The nation's attention is shifted toward New Hampshire early in the campaign period. "As New Hampshire goes, the world goes with it." Another term often attributed to New Hampshire is "as New Hampshire goes, the world goes."

Every fall, New Hampshire's stunning colors, which are renowned for its fall foliage, welcome visitors. Year-round adventure from mountains to the seaside, the state has everything from mountains to the seaside.

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