National Read a Book Day | September 6
Wed Sep 6th

National Read A Book Day

On September 6th, National Read a Book Day is celebrated annually. We all celebrated National Book Lovers Day on August 9th. Although these bookish days may seem similar, National Read a Book Day encourages us all to buy a book we will love and spend the day reading.

Don't tell it to yourself. Share the story! Read aloud to children or grandparents, whether to children or grandparents. Read to your dogs or to your stuffed animals and plants.

Reading enhances memory and concentration as well as reducing stress. Older adults who read a lot show a slower cognitive decline and are more interested in more physically stimulating activities throughout their lifetime. Books are a cheap entertainment, educational device, and time machine too.

Featured books

Louisa May Alcott's Little Women – set during the Civil War, Little Women follows the lives of the March family. Loosely based on Alcott's life, she portrayed herself as a natural performer in the Jo March.

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens tells the tale of a teenage boy's life as he strives to become a writer. The author recounts the experiences of his life from an abusive start to multiple trials.

J.K. Rowling's Deathly Hallows book 7th book in the Harry Potter series brings Harry, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger back to Hogwarts for a final standoff with Voldemort and his Deatheaters.

This is the story of nine-year-old Miyax and her transition from an Inuit culture to an American one in San Francisco, written by Jean Craighead George.

Wilson Rawls' Where the Red Fern Grows – This classic tale tells of a boy and his dog in the Ozarks, and is beloved by generations.

Jason Reynolds' As Brave As You – A young boy learns from his mistakes and the imperfections of the people he loves during a summer visit with grandparents.

How to recognize read a book day is a mystery to many

Sit back, relax, and read a book. Celebrate with your favorite books whether you want to dive into the world of fiction or learn something new. Visit the library or the local book store to start visiting the library or the local book store. Pick up a new book or read an old favorite. Explore the past in history books and memoirs, or delves into the depths of fantastic poetry. Read aloud to a child or buy them a new book. Use #ReadABookDay to post on social media to share the news you're reading using #ReadABookDay to post on social media.

A book day in the United States is the first national read a book day in history

National Read A Book Day is a national holiday in the United States. Our investigation was unable to determine the source of National Read A Book Day.

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