National Be Late for Something Day | September 5
Tue Sep 5th

National Be Late For Something Day

We are able to not adhere to our schedules on September 5th, National Be Late for Something Day. If you have an excuse, go ahead and sleep in a little bit today.


The holiday aims to highlight procrastination's positive aspects. For example, those who spend more time with clients and families than being punctual are less likely to be delayed overall.

We are taught to be punctual at all times, and it certainly could be difficult for some of us to do. We are also trained to obey rules and follow guidelines and schedules. The desire to be here and being there makes us to keep the clock in today's crowded lives.

For the day, the observance encourages us to remove the clock from the desk. Not only that, but also to excuse those who don't live by the clock. Consider those people you know who are always late. Do they seem anxious because of their lateness? Is it normal for them to be a source of further annoyance? Attempt their light-hearted approach to time.

Another day of the week brings a look at missed opportunities. Is it really late to send the birthday card in the mail? We often look at chores with a skeptical eye. However, it's never too late to get to them. We've already put off those we've already put off. If we're dealing with a pile of laundry, it could be okay to be postponed.

How to avoid being late for something day is a mystery

How often have you been on the way to an appointment and a stunning scene unfolded before you? This observance encourages you to stop and watch the sunrise, a group of deer frolicking in a field, or a sway of grain in the wind. We should take the time to enjoy these opportunities as they arise. It is a procrastination that demands it.

For just a moment, stop and smell the roses. For a little while, the world has slowed down for a little bit. The procrastination will be worth it whether you like the scenery or take a few minutes longer for lunch. Play with your children while visiting with a friend. Be late for something due to it! It will be fine. Be sure to tell others on social media about being late for something, too. When you spread the word, use #NationalBelateForSomethingDay.

The national be late for something day in history

Les Waas' Club of America was founded in 1956 by Les Waas. The committee named September 5th as Be Late for Something Day, just short of the club's inception.

Late FAQ

Q. What does it mean to be fashionably late?

A. A person who arrives 10-15 minutes after the event's scheduled time is fashionably late. The person is busy enough and important enough that their late arrival is acceptable, according to the term. Since the majority of visitors arrived at the scheduled time, arriving fashionably later puts the spotlight on the late arrival.

Q. When is arriving late is late?

A. Arriving late is more acceptable when the event is casual. For example, the invitation said "about 6 o'clock," and arriving at 6:15 is acceptable. However, arriving late to meetings, performances, physician appointments, or even work is frowned upon.

Q. What is the most efficient way to be punctual?

A. Some people have a knack for being punctual. They tend to dislike being late for activities. Punctual people do several things to prevent being late, such as: Punctual people do several things to prevent being late, such as: Punctual people do several things to prevent being late.

  • Adding events to the calendar – lateness is often due to forgetfulness. And, even the most organized person forgets stuff from time to time. However, adding events to a digital calendar and monitoring it often reduces lateness
  • Punctual people often set reminders on their digital calendars to help them stay on track. Setting reminders – Punctual people often set reminders to keep them on track
  • Plan to leave 20 minutes earlier – If you believe it will take ten minutes to get where you are going, leave early – If you think it will take ten minutes to get where you are going. If you arrive early, use the extra time to complete a task on your phone, fill up with fuel, or make a shopping list