National Newspaper Carrier Day | September 4
Mon Sep 4th

National Newspaper Carrier Day

On September 4th, the dedicated newspaper carriers who provide the news in the wee hours of the morning are recognized on National Newspaper Carrier Day.


Since the first newspaper carrier, a lot has changed. Not only have the routines changed, but the methods and the age of the people delivering have also changed. However, the newspaper carrier also exists in some form. Every newspaper carrier owes their start to an enterprising young immigrant in New York City over 180 years ago. Their history becomes no less interesting as the period fades, but it is no less interesting.

According to a captioned photo published by the Museum of the City of New York, Benjamin Day, the Sun's publisher, hired the first paperboy on September 4, 1833. Barney Flaherty, a 10-year-old barney, answered the call on September day. Flaherty so impressed the editor that Day was so impressed by the boy's sincerity that he gave him the job that day, even though the ad called for "steady guys" to apply.

Flaherty hawking his sales pitch down on the corner, passersby soon heard Flaherty hawking his pitch. "Paper!" the universal chorus of boys (and occasionally girls) cries out, "Paper!" says the universal chorus of boys (and occasionally girls). "Here, get your paper, here," could be heard on the streets selling newspapers.

The Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame was established in 1960. It honors several well-known newspaper publishers in our country's history, as well as some of the country's history. Martin Luther King Jr., Warren Buffett, and John Wayne are among the Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame inducted in the Newspaper Carrier Hall of Fame.

How to track newspaper carrier day

Show your newspaper carrier a little extra appreciation. A box of chocolates, a note, or a simple "thank you" will make their day a little brighter. We love the convenience of being able to wake up, get our coffee, and have a newspaper to read before getting out of our pajamas.

If you were a newspaper carrier, take the day to reminisce a little. Stories from your delivery routes and the people you knew then.

To post on social media, use #NewspaperCarrierDay.

The first national newspaper carrier day in history, as well as the national newspaper carrier day

We were unable to identify the Founder of National Newspaper Carrier Day, but we were unable to identify him. However, the day does honor Flaherty's day of joining the job and making it a success.

Newspapers FAQ

Q. Where can I search old newspapers for free?

A. The Library of Congress has a large collection of newspapers available online. You can also visit your local libraries and some newspapers have their archives available online.

Q. Do children still read newspapers?

A. Due to the decrease in subscriptions and online payment options, the routes have become less profitable and too large for most children to handle. Paper delivery began after school, making it an excellent afterschool job. Almost all newspapers are delivered in the morning or even by a postal carrier today.