National Welsh Rarebit Day | September 3
Sun Sep 3rd

National Welsh Rarebit Day

National Welsh Rarebit Day, September 3rd, makes a delectable and hearty snack. What is a rarebit? Since there is no rabbit in the dish, the cheesy toast was originally called Rabbit in a tongue-in-cheek way in the Welsh language. Welsh rarebit does not contain rabbits, similar to mock turtle soup without a turtle in it. Rather, this dish is made with toast with hot cheese poured over it. The dish became known as Welsh Rarebit over time, a nod to the inside joke.

Welsh Rarebit was served as a delectable supper in the eighteenth century. It was served with ale at Taverns. Although fondue may have come to mind, Welsh Rarebit's Welsh Rarebit uses wheat bread and cheddar cheese more often than not. With Swiss cheeses, a classic European fondue would begin. Welsh Rarebit is available in various forms as with any dish. Some of the dishes call for cayenne pepper, mustard, Worcestershire, Worcestershire, or paprika.

Top the cheese with a poached egg, and the dish becomes a Golden Buck. Some call the dish a Yorkshire Buck, while others call it a Yorkshire Buck. It also appears that humor goes well with Welsh Rarebit. Or at least it did back when humor was tossed back and forth across the pond, as it did. In any case, the creamy, cheesy, and toasty dish deserves a look and a smile.

How to celebrate national welsh rarebit day on national welsh rarebit day

Whip up a Welsh Rarebit. You can top it with an egg or bacon or both. And don't forget the spice. We recommend the crustiest toast and the sharpest cheddar cheese. Your sauce will be creamy thanks to real butter. If you go light, what is a celebration? We even have a dish you can try. We want to know what you think about your designs and let us know what you think. To post on social media, use the hashtag #WelshRarebitDay.

Rarebit day in the United States' national welsh rarebit day celebrations have occurred in recent history

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Welsh rarebit FAQ

Q. Does Welsh rarebit give you bad dreams?

A. Some folklore does say that this cheesy dish disturbs our sleep with bad dreams. However, it may be due to the time of day this particular dish is traditionally served – after a night of drinking. Although the alcohol-absorbing bread and fatty cheese may be helpful for the on-coming hangover, it is not so good for the stomach, resulting in a night of restless sleep and dreams.

Q. What does "fourth meal" imply?

A. People in the United States traditionally eat three main meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and supper. However, in other cultures, another dish is tucked between lunch and supper. After a night of fun, it can also be a late-night meal (see the answer above). Of course, if you're a Hobbit, throw all those dates out the window.