U.S. Bowling League Day | September 3
Sun Sep 3rd

U.s. Bowling League Day

On September 3rd, each year league bowlers around the United States celebrate U.S. Bowling League Day.


The game was popular with gamblers until about 1840, and was primarily an outdoor sport until about 1840. The state of Connecticut banned the game in 1841 in order to snuff out the gambling. As a result, indoor lane owners added one pin to their alleys to skirt the rules, in violation of the legislation.

Clubs tried organizing and establishing set rules. However, the American Bowling Congress didn't convene in 1895 at Beethoven Hall in New York City until 1895. The American Bowling Congress set a maximum score of 300, which is still stands today. They also established other laws, such as lane length, widths, and distances between pins.


When a bowler successfully throws three strikes in a row, a bowler's "turkey" refers to him. Getting consecutive strikes was impossible before the lanes became slick and beautiful as they are today. Around the late 1800s, at Thanksgiving time, many turkeys would be sold by bakeries and clubs to players who bowled three strikes in a row. As the holiday season approaches, take home a prize turkey after a fun night of bowling would certainly top off the evening. It appears that this may be the reason for the game's three strikes.

The Lobster Bowling Club may have been mistaken for a "college football game" they had made, according to one particularly rousing report from the 30th of November 1894. The two teams' turkey competition brought so much joy that it extended to the streets. As they all sang, two teammates carried the turkey dangling from a pole up the street in the wee hours of the morning. The tale never revealed who stole the turkey.

Bowling tournaments around the world are held today by leagues of men, women, and mixed teams of all ages. Weekly league bowling provides a fun time as well as great physical fitness.

How to celebrate a u.s. bowling league day's past

Gather your squad and go bowling. If you are not a member of a league, try inviting some acquaintances. If you're looking for a turkey, let us know if you get one. To post on social media, use the hashtag #USBowlingLeagueDay.

The u.s. bowling league day is the first day of the u.s. bowling league

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Bowling FAQ

Q. What are 12 strikes in a row called?

A. Bowling has many terms to describe consecutive strikes. The "Thanksgiving turkey" is similar to the word "turkey" for three strikes when a bowler wins a flawless game by bowling 12 strikes in a row.

Q. What other terms do bowlers use to describe strikes?

A. Although many of the terms refer to holiday food such as turkey and ham, not all of them do. For example, 5 straight strikes could be called a Yatzee, hambone, brat, front string (for 5 consecutive strikes at the start of the game), sombrero or high ball.

Q. Is bowling in decline?

A. It depends on where you look. Although league and alley numbers are decreasing, the game is still evolving. Bowling alleys that keep up with trends and the needs of their community continue to thrive and thrive. According to bowl.com, more than 67 million people bowl in the United States each year.