National Chicken Boy Day | September 1
Fri Sep 1st

National Chicken Boy Day


National Chicken Boy Day in California commemorates the birthday of an interesting statue in California on September 1st. Celebrate his ceremonial birthday and learn more about this unique creation.

Chicken Boy is 22 feet tall and holds a bucket of chicken. Along Route 66, the fiberglass statue of a boy with a chicken head can be seen. He is named after the former Chicken Boy Restaurant in the 1960s. He also known as the "Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles," he appears alongside other popular food characters, such as Big Boy and Ronald McDonald.

The iconic statue remained in place at the restaurant until the restaurant's owner died in 1984. Chicken Boy was given to Los Angeles art director Amy Inouye at that time. The statue remained cooped up in storage for a time. However, Chicken Boy escaped the coop 20 years ago. He now graces Inouye's design firm's property. The entire community banded together to ensure that Chicken Boy's resurrection was possible. His restoration and display are in part due to Inouye's catalog of items for fans to enjoy. Chicken Boy-themed items for fans to enjoy.

The feathered boy not only attracts visitors, but he also has a documentary and a polka song named after him. In addition,, he and Inouye have also been given numerous accolades.

How to celebrate national chicken boy day

Wing it! Or wish Chicken Boy a Happy Birthday. To enhance your celebration, we also recommend a few other activities.

  • You can also watch Chicken Boy: The Movie directed by Tom Dusenberry
  • Those Darn Accordions' Dance to "The Chicken Boy Polka" by Those Darn Accordions
  • You should also do the Chicken Dance!
  • The Chicken Boy Coloring Page is available to download, print, and color

If you're one of these, post a snapshot or video using #ChickenBoyDay to post on social media.

Chicken boy FAQ

Is there other statues along Route 66? Q. Is there any other statues along Route 66? Yes! Yes! Muffler Man, Paul Bunyan, Cadillac Ranch, and many more!

Q. What is the world's biggest spider sculpture?

A. Jamberoo Action Park in New South Wales, Australia, is home to Australia's biggest spider sculpture. It stands at 64 feet 7.59 inches in height. In the water park, the spider is part of the Funnel Web Slide.

Q. Where can you visit large outdoor roadside sculpture shows? Outdoor sculptures are a common roadside attraction in A. Outdoor sculptures are a common roadside attraction. Here are a few of the largest in the United States: Here are a few of the largest in the country.

  • Artist Gary Greff's Enchanted Highway in Regent, North Dakota, features massive grasshoppers, a pheasant family, an underwater river scene, and a massive dragon and knight
  • A massive grasshopper can be found on Kaleva, Michigan, at the Kaleva Centennial Sculpture Walkway. A Vainamoinen Ship and a sparkling sculptured tree are among the exhibits
  • Artist Linda Bakke created the world's second-largest moose sculpture. Entitle The Big Elk (that's what moose are called in Europe) is located in Stor-Evdal, Norway, near the village of Atna, Norway's village of Atna
  • Artist Alex Pentek created Kindred Spirits, a large circle of feathers, in honor of the Choctaw Nation. The large stainless steel sculpture in Midleton, County Cork, Ireland, honors the Choctaw Nation's contribution during the Great Famine