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Fri Sep 1st

National Emma M. Nutt Day

National Emma M. Nutt Day is an annual event that takes place on September 1 each day. Emma M. Nutt, America's first female telephone operator, is honored on this day.

15) emma m. nutt (1860-1915) emma m nutt (1860-1915) (1860-1915)

Emma's first day of work at a telephone dispatch firm in boston massachusetts, as a telephone operator for over 33 years, was september 1, 1878

Emma did so well at her job that they began recruiting only females as telephone dispatchers, which was why they began recruiting only females.

In her honor, "emma," a synthesized speech attendant device developed by "preferred voice inc," is named in her honor, and "philips electronics nv" is named in her honor

M. nutt day is the national emma m. nutt day's history

National Emma M. Nutt Day, a "unofficial" national holiday, was unable to locate the originator of National Emma M. Nutt Day, a "unofficial" national holiday.