National Eat Outside Day | August 31
Thu Aug 31st

National Eat Outside Day

On August 31, National Eat Outside Day is a day that takes place every year. Fresh air, and good food are all the focus of National Eat Outside Day. Food just tastes better when we eat it under the open sky, whether at home, a park, a favorite restaurant, or the beach.


Many foods lend themselves to eating outdoors, but there are times when taking your prepared plate out to the balcony, porch, or patio. Many restaurants also known as al fresco dining, so their customers can enjoy their meals outside, beach, countryside, or simply people watch. Even more temperate climates have seasonal outdoor dining.

When eating your meal, Eat Outside Day encourages you to enjoy the sun (or the moonlight). It's like a mini stay-cation where you can recharge while enjoying a delectable dinner outside.

How to celebrate national eats outside of the day

National Eat Outside Day is a holiday that celebrates endless possibilities. Try these tips: Try these tips: Try these tips:

  • Make your bacon and eggs outside to enjoy at Host's outdoor brunch or just take your bacon and eggs outside to enjoy
  • During your break, take your sack lunch outside to eat during your break
  • Pack a picnic basket and head to the park
  • This time, dine your new restaurant and sit on the patio
  • For a barbecue, invite friends over for a BBQ
  • Take a dinner river cruise on the river cruise
  • Pack some sandwiches and trail mix and go for a hike
  • Make sure you're up late, make cheese and crackers, or grab the leftovers from the leftovers. When snacking, spread a blanket under the stars and search for constellations
  • Plan an outdoor potluck
  • With all your favorite foods and beverages, Host your book club outside
  • Go camping. When you're in the Great Outdoors, you're almost guaranteed to eat outside
  • Take a cue from your garden to take a cue. Wash off the ripening vegetables and fruits with a spritz from the hose and enjoy your bounty

The national eatout is the national eat outside of day history

Since at least 2006, National Eat Outdoors Day has been observed. However, we were unable to determine the source of the observance.

Eat outside FAQ

What does "al fresco" mean? Q. What does "al fresco" imply?

A. It means "in the air" and is often used to describe outdoor dining.

Is outdoor dining a new fad?

A. Not really. Humans have been eating outside for centuries. Sometimes out of necessity (caves, huts, teepees, and covered wagons don't have a lot of space for indoor eating) (caves, huts, teepees, and covered wagons don't have a lot of space for indoor eating).

Q. What are some of the best foods to eat outside?

A. Depending on the occasion, just about everything can be eaten outside. However, some foods are more popular and convenient than others when it comes to portability and convenience. The picnic menu includes sandwiches, finger foods, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Almost every dish can be on the menu at home, including soup.