National Lemon Juice Day | August 29
Tue Aug 29th

National Lemon Juice Day

National Lemon Juice Day arrives just in time to give a refreshing boost to just about every other thing as the sun is blazing high in the sky. Celebrate with a tart drop of lemon juice in your baking, beverages, or simply refresh the world around you on August 29th.


These vibrantly colored sour fruit appeared in the Himalayan Mountains millions of years ago. However, they have evolved since then, and today the citrus fruit is grown commercially in temperate climates. More lemons are produced in the United States, California, and Arizona than in any other state.

Why lemon juice?

Why do we adore lemons so much? Is it because we love seeing a baby's face scrunch up at their first taste of lemon juice? Well, we do, but that is not the only reason. The acid in lemon juice enhances the flavors in cooking. Now your salad goes from ho-hum to wow, with lemon juice as a salad dressing. The addition of lemon juice will make it go from being something that drowns a dish to something that brightens it. This one ingredient will make a whole dish.

The same applies to beverages. Lemon juice gives teas, soda, and even water a kick. But it also gives mixed drinks a new level of flavor. Bourbon, tequila, gin, cognac, vodka, tequila, gin, cognac, vodka. They all have lemon juice recipes, and that's because, without it, the drink would be missing a key ingredient to the cocktail. Fresh lemons are behind every bartender worth their salt. On the other hand, lemon juice pairs with honey and a hot drink, relieving a swollen throat and cough.

But lemon juice isn't the only thing that makes it to the table. No way. This powerhouse also makes us and our homes look good, as well as our gardens. Everything from home remedies to lemon juice cleaning can be found on the internet. Although you don't want to use fresh lemons (save those for the baking and beverages), you can use bottled to save a few pennies. The fresh scent of lemon will also lift your mood, clean your pores and windows, and make your garbage disposal smell fresh again as you brighten your pots and pans, clean your pores, and windows, and make your garbage disposal smell fresh again. While you're at it, you should definitely pour yourself a chilled glass of lemonade.

How to celebrate national lemon juice day by observing national lemon juice day

Lemons are a hit at Squeeze yourself. Reap the benefits of this refreshingly versatile fruit. There are so many ways to celebrate, too! Where will you start?

  • With this dish, make a Bloody Mary
  • Make a salad with Lemon Dijon Dressing
  • Give a baby a slice of lemon. You know you want to
  • For the best lemon baked goods, visit your new bakery. You know, lemon meringue pie, lemon poppy seed muffins, or lemon pound cake with a lip-puckering icing
  • Make limoncello by trying your hand at making limoncello. It takes time and patience, but when done properly, it is also a very rewarding experience If you start now and make enough, you can give some of it away as Christmas gifts!

Use #NationalLemonJuiceDay on social media to celebrate the vibrant, stunning freshness of lemon juice.

Lemon juice FAQ

Q. When are lemons in season?

A. Most lemon trees produce fruit all year round.

Q. How many calories are in lemon juice?

A. One tablespoon of lemon juice contains 3 calories.

Q. How can lemon juice prevent fruit from browning?

A. The acid in lemon juice neutralizes an enzyme that causes fruit to brown, called polyphenol oxidase.

Q. When is National Lemon Meringue Pie Day?

The date of A. National Lemon Meringue Pie Day is August 15.