National Thoughtful Day | August 28
Mon Aug 28th

National Thoughtful Day

The August 28th brings with it the opportunity to demonstrate how we value each other. National Thoughtful Day sets aside a holiday that is supposed to bring goodwill in a variety of ways. A ripple effect takes place when serving the day with a spirit of kindness toward others.


What constitutes a thoughtful day? Often it's an awareness of meeting another's needs. Being aware helps creates a slew of thoughts that result in thoughtful acts whether they are celebrating something now or need a boost. It can be a small token or an inspiring word. Your thoughtfulness makes others feel special, either way.

And many times, those special people in our lives will reciprocate in kind. Though we are usually not expecting when we're being thoughtful, it tends to happen anyway.

Being thoughtful also results in an exchange of thoughts and ideas that spark even more reflection. One simple act or word can spark new friendships, inspire a project to start, or a garden to grow. Who knows where your thoughtfulness will lead!

A reflective day also gives us perspective. We take a moment to consider another person rather than ourselves. Our concern for others brings compassion to a world that might otherwise be missing.

Although all these reasons are important, one of the most important reasons to celebrate National Thoughtful Day is that it is essential. Imagine all the lives we encounter and how a single thoughtful act can have a lifetime impact on them. Thoughtfulness is a must we cannot live without.

How to attend national reflective day by observing national reflective day

Put your stamp on the day – your own style of thoughtful. It was put into use by the University of Then. Perhaps you'll be the aunt known for her sweet treats or the neighbor known for surprise coffees at work. Some other interesting suggestions include:: Here are some other helpful suggestions:

  • Several people in your address book have received mail cards from Mail cards. A handwritten note says so much because they are rare these days
  • Give small treats to colleagues and family members. We promise that they won't be turned away
  • To your neighbor, give fresh flowers. They will lighten the day and make a connection and will make a difference
  • With a new book, surprise someone. Inspirational stories bring comfort and joy
  • Take a child to the park. On one occasion, children will always remember one
  • For more information, visit Pinterest for inspiration or Thoughtful Pinch for more ideas

Most importantly, post your thoughtful day on social media. #NationalThoughtfulDay tagged your inspiration and plans with #NationalThoughtfulDay.

History of the national thoughtful day has a long tradition

Thoughtful Pinch founded National Thoughtful Day to honor all of the ways being thoughtful brings beauty, inspiration, and hope to our lives. "By being thoughtful, one size does not have to fit all," Barb Paton, the maker of Thoughtful Pinch, says. In fact, the more unique the celebration is, the better!"