National Just Because Day | August 27
Sun Aug 27th

National Just Because Day

National Just Because Day, August 27th, gives you the opportunity to do stuff...just because. So feel free to celebrate this day in any way you like. Just because!


We all do things that are expected or required of us every day. We do know why; we do it sometimes because we have to do them; we don't know why. Well, on this occasion, that does not refer. This day is a chance to do something without rhyme or reason.

  • It could be that there is an outfit at the mall that you are adoring; buy it simply for the sake of buying it

  • If you want to go fishing on a vacation day just to go fishing, do it...just because

  • You may want to pay the tab for the table next to you at your favorite restaurant, but do it simply because

  • Possibly you want to sing really loud inside your car, by yourself, with your windows rolled down; do it anyway...just because

  • Just because! Surprise someone with flowers..just because!

  • Just because! Make something up..just because!

  • Or, perhaps, just maybe, do something because Mom said so

Just because day is approaching, there is no way to detect national just because of the fact that day

Do something just because. We often have to say stuff just for the sake of saying it. We have 11 things to say...Just because right here. To post on social media, use #JustBecauseDay.

Because day history, the national just because of the day's history

Just Because Day was born in the late 1950s by Joseph J. Goodwin of Los Gatos, California. It began as a family holiday and grew into an annual celebration in the United States.