National Pots De Creme Day | August 27
Sun Aug 27th

National Pots De Creme Day

A delectable custard dessert is on the menu on National Pots De Creme Day on August 27th. Collect your ramekins now because this day gives you yet another excuse to use them!


This delectable French dessert recipe dates back to the 17th century. Its name also refers to the baking dish, and it means "pot of custard" or "pot of creme." Although pots de creme traditionally bakes in small pots with lids, they can also be baked in other small porcelain dishes. Pots de creme is a loose custard on the spectrum of custards. When baking completes, it should not be set.

The basic ingredients in pot de creme remain the same, although the final ingredients remain the same. Count on counting eggs, egg yolks, cream, or milk, with either chocolate or vanilla for flavor. At a low temperature, the mixture is baked in the porcelain cups at a low temperature. The custard bake evenly thanks to a water bath.

Although chocolate and vanilla are common flavors, don't be afraid to try other flavorings. For example, espresso or zesty orange may be the creamy and decadent touch you're looking for. Fresh berries and whipped cream give a personal touch to a custom touch. Adding chocolate shavings, mint leaves, or a dusting of powdered sugar reveals a subtle elegance, depending on your choice of flavorings. How about a drizzle of homemade fruit syrup? With pots de creme, do we have you thinking #CelebrateEveryDay?

How to celebrate national pots de creme day

Pots De Creme is a delectable dish prepared by Savor. Also compare different flavors and compare them to other custards. Need a recipe? Need a recipe? This dish is sure to please! Chocolate Pots de Cream Chocolate Pots de Cream Chocolate Pots de Cream.

On social media, use the hashtag #PotsDeCremeDay to post.

National pots de creme day in history

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Pots de creme FAQ

Q. How long does pots de creme last?

A. When refrigerated in a wrapped dish, the dessert will keep for about a week.

Q. What kind of dishes would be used as the pots de creme?

Both A. Custard cups and ramekins work very well. Other small dishes such as coffee mugs, small soup crocks, half-pint canning jars, or miniature coquettes all work well.