National Park Service Founders Day | August 25
Fri Aug 25th

National Park Service Founders Day

President Woodrow Wilson signed what is now known as the Organic Act on this day in 1916. It was the National Park Service that was established. The National Park Service protects 400 acres in 50 states, US territories, and the District of Columbia, totaling 84 million acres as part of the Department of Interior.


The National Park Service Founders Day honors the National Park Service's outstanding conservation and preservation efforts. The National Parks Service provides a natural outdoor resource to every American, whether enjoying scenic trails, open spaces, watersheds, or recreational areas. We're keen to explore Hiking and biking trails. They also have an outdoor experience like no other. These parks provide us with more beauty and history than any of us can imagine.

A trip through time

Not only does the National Park Service provide access to millions of acres of the country's most scenic destinations, but it also takes us back in time. We walk in Harriet Tubman's footsteps along historic trails. For example, a historic trail in Maryland leads us along the Underground Railroad, where Tubman led men and women away from slavery and into freedom, leading us on a journey along the Underground Railroad, where Tubman led men and women away from slavery and into liberty. We explore the infancy of aviation in the United States in Ohio.

We'll explore the fascinating and tragic pasts that have woven along the way as we travel through the splendor of Natchez Trace's historic past. The Natchez Trace survived it all, from Native Americans to European settlement and the Civil War.

Many that have gone before us, including ancient ruins and resurrected forts, tell the tales of those who have gone before us. Rediscovered the past of untold ages in rustic settings or an out-of-the-way oasis in New Mexico. If the arid West, consider the Klondike Gold Rush in Washington or the history of Columbia River, too.

Throughout the National Park Service, majestic animals and stunning sunsets entice visitors all year round. Some of these parks are also in your own backyards! They are just a few stones' throw away and are just a few stones' throw away. You won't want to stop once you get going. Make a list and keep going.

How to report national park service founders day on national park service founders day

Celebrate by visiting one of the country's 400 management areas. There's one not far from each of us. To get started, there are several ways to get started.

  • Make a list of the parks you'd like to visit
  • Map them out! Every chance you had, then hit the road
  • Help keep our National Parks clean and natural. Pack it in, pack it out if you can
  • Revisit your favorite ones and post pictures on social media
  • Introduce a friend or family member to the world of National Parks
  • While visiting, take a walk or learn about the region's past and culture, the area's history and culture
  • Read more about the National Park Service's history or watch a video
  • Take a virtual tour

Don't forget to post your travels too! Where ever you go, share your stories, both past and present, about your travels.

To post on social media, use #NPSFoundersDay.

History has shown that the foundings of the national park service founders day were the first in the country's day

President Wilson signed the Organic Act passed by Congress on August 25, 1916. It was the National Park Service, which became a part of the Department of Interior, that was the source of the National Park Service. At the time, there were 35 control areas, including national parks and monuments, spread across the country. Since then, it has increased, and the National Park Service continues to protect these majestic gems for generations to come.