National Peach Pie Day | August 24
Thu Aug 24th

National Peach Pie Day


On August 24th, the annual Peach Pie Day is held on August 24th. During the Peach harvest season, we celebrate this delectable dessert. Don't forget the à la mode!

There are two main peaches – freestone and clingstone – in general speaking. The difference is in the way the flesh comes out from the pit in the middle of the peach. The peach is a freestone peach when the meat falls free from the stone; if the flesh clings to it, it is a clingstone.

Although Georgia may be the first state to come to mind when we think of peaches, California actually leads the nation in production. Peaches are grown in the United States by 20 states. South Carolina and New Jersey are the other top producers outside of California and Georgia. Peaches in Pennsylvania and Washington also grow a lot of peaches.

Peaches are best enjoyed ripe, juicy, and fresh. However, if that is not possible, pastry comes to the rescue. When we add a little sugar and seasonings, peaches' sweet juices come to life. The fruit is still sweet, with them engulfed in a flakey crust and bake for about an hour. For a creamy reminder that summer isn't quite over, try vanilla ice cream for a creamy reminder that summer isn't quite over. Well, not yet, anyway.

More peach facts

  • Georgia is also known as the Peach State, and it is regarded as the Peach State
  • The Peach harvest occurs between June and August
  • About a week, each peach tree's harvest lasts about one week
  • A medium peach weighs 2.6 oz
  • A medium peach typically contains 30 calories, 7 g of carbohydrate, 1 g of protein, 140 mg of potassium, and 8% of the daily vitamin C dose

How to celebrate national peach pie day

Make a peach pie to share. Or invite someone to join you for your favorite peach pie at a local restaurant. Be sure to give your baker a shout-out! Please enjoy these Peach Pie recipes: Please enjoy these Peach Pie recipes.

Peach Pie Pie of Piled-High Peach Pie is the pie that has been praised by the Peach Pie's Piled-High Peach Pie. Peaches and Cream Pie is the perfect combination of peaches and cream pie. Peach Pie Filling is a dish that can be made at home.

On social media, use the hashtag #PeachPieDay to post.

History of national peach pie day has spanned history

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Peach pie FAQ

Q. Should I remove the peach skin from the pie filling?

A. No. A. No. A. No. The peach's skin adds color and texture to the pie.

Q. What makes pie filling thick?

A. Most bakers thicken pies with corn starch. However, tapioca and flour are two of the starchy thickeners. Alternatively, gelatin or a combination of starches will also thicken a pie.

Q. When are peaches in season?

A. Depending on the season, the peach season begins in May and runs through September. Harvest peaks in July and August.

Q. How many peaches are in a bushel?

A. Peaches come in a variety of shapes, but on average, peaches fill a bushel. That's about 150 peaches.