National Cuban Sandwich Day | August 23
Wed Aug 23rd

National Cuban Sandwich Day

On August 23rd, commemorate a sandwich that originated in Cuba but grew up in Florida. National Cuban Sandwich Day is a celebration of the flavor found in a toasted pressed sandwich.


On Cuban bread, roast pork, swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard are often made, but restaurant and home cooks serve up different versions. Although the Cubano traditionally consisted of ham, roast pork, swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard, many restaurants and home cooks have different interpretations. Although the sandwich alone may be a hearty dish, several very flavorful sides complement this globe-trotting sandwich. A creamy, dunkable soup makes the perfect complement to any grilled sandwich. Consider making this delectable Smoky Roasted Corn Soup. seasoned sweet potato fries are another popular side dish.

The sandwich brings together taste and history as well as geography and history. The sandwich is a world tour of simple ingredients, with recipes from Cuban, German, and Italian immigrants. This is the time to try it if you've never tried one before.

How to celebrate national cuban sandwich day?

To celebrate the day, many restaurants are serving specials on their Cuban Sandwich. You'll want to give the place that makes your favorite Cubano a shout-out, too. You can also make your own. Try a traditional dish or make it up with your own personal style. When trying new side dishes and recipes, you can also share the day with others. Be sure to post your festivities on social media using the hashtag #NationalCubanSandwichDay.

History of national cuban sandwich day has spanned history

In 2016, Tampa Bay Times journalist Christopher Spata set out to test the National Day food celebration waters for the first time. He managed to produce a festival that has travelled around the world in his quest to make up a new food holiday. "And who cares about that?" he wrote, he chose August 23rd because the only other food holiday was National Sponge Cake Day, according to his book. (He's obviously never had sponge cake or attempted to make one)" And although some publications call it a hoax, those who celebrate food days take it seriously.

Sandwich FAQ

Q. When is National Sandwich Day?

The A. National Sandwich Day is November 3.

Q. How many sandwich holidays are on the calendar?

A. The short answer is that there are 13 sandwich-specific days on the calendar. But, define sandwich. Most people (and dictionaries) use the term "sandwich" to refer to two pieces of bread with a filling of meat, cheese, or other food items in between the bread. Hoagie, hamburger, and sloppy Joe all fit the bill. In its name, the Grilled cheese sandwich has the word "sandwich" in its name. Those are no-brainers. But, what is a hot dog? What is Chili dog? What about the Oreo? Is it a sandwich or can you count desserts? How about a s'more? Speaking of desserts, how about a s'more? Is graham crackers bread? We're now on quesadillas. Tortillas are bread, but some quesadillas use two tortillas. Is a quesadilla sandwich a sandwich? And then there are the open-face sandwiches. Is an egg benedict considered an open-face sandwich?