National Spumoni Day | August 21
Mon Aug 21st

National Spumoni Day

On August 21st, southern Italy's delectable frozen treat is commemorated.


Traditionally, three molded layers of flavored gelato create a unique dessert. Often includes candied fruits and nuts in two layers and a third chocolate layer in the creamy creation.

According to a Chicago Tribune article from July 4, 1979, a "genuine spumoni" dish was imported from Nola, Italy in 1905. Salvatore Lezza and his partner, Lucia, opened a bakery in Chicago with his wife, Salvatore Lezza. Their traditional dish called for three layers of semifreddo – an almond layer, semisweet chocolate, and stracciatella. Stracciatella is a form of gelato with irregular bits of chocolate in it.

However, most spumoni in the United States would feature a cherry layer with cherry bits, a layer of pistachio ice cream, and a layer of chocolate. Just to name a few of the many varieties available include hazelnut, vanilla, strawberry, and pineapple.

Serve spumoni sliced and you will be able to see its stunning layers. It's also considered the traditional way to serve the ice cream dessert. However, the ice cream lends itself to being scooped. When first seeing spumoni, it looks a lot like Neapolitan. Minus the added fruits and nuts, the two ice creams are very similar. In fact, spumoni inspired the Neapolitan. It also inspired cakes, cookies, and other recipes as well.

How to celebrate national spumoni day is a mystery

Many ice cream parlors have their own spin on spumoni. Order up a slice! Or, make your own. With this Italian Spumoni Cupcake dish, you will enjoy this Spumoni dish and try it. You can even post your own recipes or memories. While you're at it, be sure to invite someone to share a slice with you!

If you're celebrating, be sure to use #NationalSpumoniDay to post on social media.

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Spumoni FAQ

Q. What is semifreddo?

A. Semifreddo is an Italian frozen dessert made from egg yolks, sugar, and cream. Because the mixture has less water than ice cream, it is smoother and has a mousse-like consistency.

Q. What does semifreddo mean?

A. The word "semifreddo" means semi-frozen.

Q. What kinds of desserts are made from semifreddo?

A. Besides spumoni, semifreddo can be made in a variety of flavors. It is often layered between cake or pastries and is served in the form of cake, similar to spumoni.

Q. Where can I buy spumoni?

A. In their lineup, a number of ice cream manufacturers include spumoni. Find out what your local grocer or ice cream store is missing. You can even make it yourself!