National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day | August 20
Sun Aug 20th

National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day, on August 20th, will allow you to have your chocolate and pie as well. (National Pecan Pie Day is held each year on July 12th if chocolate isn't your preference, but we don't know anyone like it.)


Chocolate pecan pie goes well with ice cream, just like the original. Crisp pecans are a refreshing southern treat. Pecan pies fall into the sugar pie category, giving them a gooey, almost caramel center. The pie's sweet batter is made with different sugars depending on the dish. Both brown and white sugars can be used, but molasses can also be used. Corn syrup is a common ingredient as well. Also honey is used.

There is one ingredient that appears from time to time that should not surprise any cooks. Any recipes call for a little bit of bourbon, rum, or whiskey. Since these spirits hail from the southern parts of North America, seasoning them is a natural process.

Although pecan pies use eggs as a binder, it's also interesting to note another sugar pie made when eggs were out of season. The pie is referred to as a sugar cream pie in the United States. We can't imagine there being a season for eggs, birds lay more eggs in spring and summer than they do in the fall and winter. Chickens are relying on the sun to know when to lay eggs. They lay fewer eggs as the days are shorter. They may not lay any eggs at all in the winter.

So, when the hens stopped laying, a sugar cream pie was a viable alternative, since no eggs are required to make it. Both chocolate pecan pie and sugar cream are delectable.

How to Make Chocolate Pecan Pie Day

There are so many ways to commemorate the day. Be sure to share with friends and family members whether you visit your favorite bakery and pick up a pie or bake it yourself. Experiment with a new dish or bake up an old favorite. We even have some recipes for you to try.

Chocolate Pecan Pie Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars are sold in Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars.

The national chocolate pecan pie day is the longest in national chocolate pecan pie day history

We were unable to locate the observer of the observance.


Q. How many pie days are on the calendar?

A. There are 19 pie days on the calendar.

Q. Does every month have a pie day?

A. Yes. Yes. Each month of the year, there is at least one pie festival.

Q. How many cream pie days are on the calendar?

A. If you include National Ice Cream Pie Day, there are seven cream pie days on the calendar.

Q. What is the difference between a pie and a tart?

A. The key difference between a pie and a tart is that a tart has only a bottom crust, while a pie has both a top and bottom crust. A tart's crust is also firmer than a pie crust and is baked in a shallower pan with a removable bottom, and a tart's crust is crisper than a pie crust. In a one-piece pan, a pie crust is flaky and baked.

Q. How many varieties of pies are there?

A. There are four pies available based on their filling. They include cream, custard, fruit, and savory.

Q. What is the difference between a cream pie and a custard pie?

A. While cream pies are not baked, a custard pie is baked, while cream pies are not.