Sun Aug 20th

National Accessible Air Travel Day

National Accessible Air Travel Day, August 20, focuses on the need for affordable air travel for people with disabilities.


Today, we emphasize the urgent need for affordable air travel for people with disabilities. While providing education and recognizing accomplishments made to assist people with disabilities, the day also encourages people with disabilities to travel safely by flying by plane accommodations.

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People with disabilities are entitled to the same accommodations as any other person when traveling, including air travel. All airlines are required to comply with the Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA), which provides all passengers with disability assistance. (ACAA)

  • Wheelchairs
  • rding are both required for deplaning and boarding
  • Connecting flights
  • Personal belongings
  • Assistance with service animals is available
  • Interpreters
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Airline carriers are required to adhere to the ACAA, which became statute in 1986. Discrimination against any individual with a disability traveling by air travel is forbidden under federal rule. When flying, it also guarantees that people with disabilities have the same rights as other passengers. The Airline Passengers with Disabilities Bill of Rights was released by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) in 2022. This Bill of Rights addresses the fundamental rights of air travelers with disabilities under the ACAA and its enforcing legislation, Part 382.

The national air travel day is scheduled to promote national accessible air travel

  • Join an organization that is raising funds and funding for innovative technologies that make air travel more accessible to people with disabilities
  • Donate to an agency that finance projects that promote feasibility, safety, and economic evaluations to design and make accommodations, including those required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), airline carriers, and legislators
  • Create or host an event in your neighborhood to raise funds to support a nonprofit
  • Petition your local congressman and write the FAA
  • If you're a member of a disability, please share your travel experiences to help others raise money for others
  • #NationalAccessibleAirTravelDay is a hashtag on social media. Post on social media using the hashtag #NationalAccessibleAirTravelDay


All Wheels Up (AWU), a non-profit group that raises money for safe and dignified air travel for people with disabilities, was founded in 2022 and recognizes the need to raise public knowledge of the importance of improving accessible air travel for people with disabilities. AWU is the only organization to crash test wheelchairs for commercial flight for a wheelchair spot, and it focuses on funding research and advocating for safe air travel, with a focus on securing a wheelchair space on planes.

AWU is dedicated to changing how people with disabilities travel, with a focus on: improving how people with disabilities travel.

  • More wheelchair and wheelchair crash testing specific to FAA seat standards is funded by the FAA
  • To get a wheelchair spot on planes, working with authorities, such as the FAA, Congress, airplane manufacturers, and airlines
  • Developing educational tools and information on how to promote wheelchair-friendly air travel
  • Millions of people who use wheelchairs are able to fly internationally, making international air travel affordable for millions of people who use wheelchairs
  • On August 20, the United States' annual awareness day was held to encourage communities to band together and acknowledge the needs and successes of air travel for people with disabilities


According to All Wheels Up, there are currently 4 million wheelchair users in the United States and growing. Adults with disabilities spend $17 billion on travel each year, with $4 million in European travel and more in other developing world countries. Sadly, there are no wheelchair spots on planes, as there are on buses or trains.

The FAA expects passenger growth in the United States to average 2% every year. In addition, the number of passengers in the United States air travel industry increased from 76.3 million passengers in 2014 to 76.3 million passengers. By 2035, the number will double and reach 1.14 billion passengers. The International Air Transport Association expects world airline passenger growth to hit a new high of 3.8 percent per year this year. In fact, global air travel demand will increase from 3.5 billion passengers in 2015 to 7 billion by 2034. In fact, global air travel demand will have increased from 3.5 billion passengers in 2015 to 7 billion by 2034.

Air travel is cheap, accessible air travel is available by air travel

Customers are asked if they need special assistance when booking a flight. These questions are oftentimes vague, and they do not specify in detail what kind of services are needed. People with disabilities do not need the same services, so making further arrangements is impossible for people with disabilities. Understanding what services are available is just as important as the services themselves.

A variety of accessible services are also available for passengers with disabilities from the Department of Transportation. This information is specifically designed to help and make travel enjoyable.

  • Accessible Travel is accessible by ABC's Accessible Travel. ABC's Accessible Travel is a cable traveler
  • Tip Sheet: Wheelchair and Guided Assistance Tip Sheet
  • Assistive Equipments for Air Travel in Assistive Air Travel
  • Accessible Seating Accommodations are available in Accessible Seating Accommodations

Join us each year on August 20 to raises the issue of affordable air travel for people with disabilities.