National Mail Order Catalog Day | August 18
Fri Aug 18th

National Mail Order Catalog Day


On August 18th, National Mail Order Catalog Day is commemorated each year as it is one of the most popular ways of shopping.

This day marks the first Montgomery Wards mail order catalog's first anniversary. Aaron Montgomery Ward of Chicago produced a catalog intended for direct order by mail on this day in 1872. He wanted to ban the middleman from buying and selling. As a result, he also dramatically reduced prices.

The very first catalog was made of an 8 by 12-inch single sheet of paper. Ward included the product for purchase, price list, and ordering instructions on it. The Montgomery Wards single-page list of products grew to a 540 page illustrated book with over 20,000 items before long.

Montgomery Wards' idea was not difficult for enterprising stores to imitate Montgomery Wards'. Richard Warren Sears, a well-known retailer, mailed his catalog in 1896. Catalog sales increased as others entered the field, as others entered the field. Catalog sales of major United States companies increased by more than $250 million in postal revenue by 1971.

Aaron Montgomery Ward was not the first to imagine the mail order catalog, according to the National Mail Order Association, and it's interesting to note that it's not the first to think of the mail order catalog. In the United States, the United States is located in the United States. Benjamin Franklin may have invented the first basic mail order model. He created a website that sold scientific and academic books. "Those people who live far, by giving their orders and funds to B. Franklin, may be subjected to the same justice as if present."

Today, mail order catalogs have been replaced by internet pages. In addition, the term "mail-order" has been replaced by the term "online shopping."

How to mark national mail order catalog day? How to rely on national mail order catalog day

Although our catalogs are now digital, which ones are your favorites? Nearly every retail store has an online presence, and with that, their catalog of products expands, changes, and shifts. It's an excellent day to help your little online business by shopping with them, releasing their products, or giving them a review. Is there a product you wish they'd have? Is there a product they should have? Let them know! To grow their company, many retailers are seeking customer feedback to improve their customer service. What are some of your favorite purchases from a mail-order catalog (paper or digital)?

Let us know, we use #MailOrderCatalogDay to post on social media.

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Mail order FAQ

Q. Does mail order catalogs still exist? Yes, they do, and they are on the rise in fame. A. Yes, they do, and they are on the rise. To capture customers' interest, many companies are issuing small catalogs to pique customer interest. Catalogs are also available on websites to sell their products.

Q. What do mail order catalogs sell?

A. Just about everything from clothing and accessories to medical equipment. Some catalogs are limited, while others are not. Some catalogs are limited, while others are offering a variety of items.

Q. If I get a catalog, can I still order directly from a website?

A. Yes, but don't hesitate to look through the entire catalog. Special QR codes and discount codes may be included in some businesses.