Thu Aug 17th

National Nonprofit Day

National Nonprofit Day (NND) on August 17th honors nonprofits' goals and positive impacts on communities and the planet.

Village of becoming is our official nonprofit for 2022, according to facebook: @villageofbecoming. They have also created a scholarship program to support college students who have enrolled in college


A volunteer works with school children in some other world. A patient receives steady medication at the same time. A lawyer provides legal assistance to low-income individuals. Thanks to a non-profit funeral home, a lost soul's life is remembered with dignity. Elsewhere, a first-time homebuyer, moves into his own home. Each of these scenes is possible thanks to the nonprofit sector, as NND reminds us that each of these scenes is possible because of the nonprofit sector. It's the result of the hard work done by talented individuals and companies.

The people who need it most are those who need it most, according to nonprofits, education, study, and assistance. Nonprofits also bring significant benefits to their local communities and the rest of the world.

For example, following the 2012 U.S. recession, the nonprofit sector contributed 5.4% of the country's total GDP (gross domestic product), or $887.3 billion. According to John Hopkins and Tactical Philanthropy Advisors, non-profits continue to recruit nurses, web designers, attorneys, computer engineers, and others.

National Nonprofit Day honors those who have made a difference for these reasons and more.

How to celebrate national nonprofit day is the subject of a national nonprofit day

The observance encourages you to take the time to learn more about nonprofits. Understand that the funding for these organizations often exceeds more than the mission's stated purpose. Learn all the benefits of supporting a nonprofit. To find out more, visit to find out more and use #NationalNonprofitDay to post on social media.

The national nonprofit day's history has a national nonprofit day

The Change-Makers of the World, Sherita J. Herring, a well-known speaker, best-selling author, and business strategist, founded National Nonprofit Day to educate, enlighten, and empower others to make a difference while still remembering those in the trenches.

The Tariff Act of 1894, which was signed into law on August 17, introduced the first federal income tax on businesses, including exemptions for nonprofit corporations and charitable organizations. With just a few updates, nonprofit exemptions remained a significant part of the legislation and have provided significant benefits to communities and the economy.