National Airborne Day | August 16
Wed Aug 16th

National Airborne Day

On August 16th, the military's airborne divisions of the Armed Forces were commemorated on National Airborne Day.


The date of the first official Army parachute jump at Ft. is August 16, 1940. Benning, Georgia, Benning, Georgia. By parachute, the effective jump demonstrated the revolutionary idea of inserting ground combat forces from the United States behind a battle line. These sky soldiers are some of the United States Army's most highly regarded and expertly prepared troops.

Two airborne divisions currently operate in the US Army's current airborne divisions. Ft.'s 82nd Airborne Division is the 82nd Airborne Division. Bragg, North Carolina, the state's infantry division, was established as an infantry division. The 82nd Division was activated at Camp Gordon on August 25, 1917, during World War I. They were given the name All American for the design of their division in 1918. Since the soldiers came not from all around the country, but many were immigrants as well. As few other divisions did at the time, the 82nd Division represented all of America as few other divisions did at the time.

The second and still active airborne division had a short-lived existence at the start. The 101st Airborne Division organized for a short time during World War I on November 2, 1918, during World War I. However, the war came soon after, but it was over shortly after. The Screaming Eagles re-activated at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana, on August 16, 1942, during World War II. They now live in Ft. They currently live in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky, Campbell, Kentucky.

Both units have served around the world in combat, peacekeeping, and humanitarian missions.

How to mark national airborne day is one of the national airborne day

Learn more about the Airborne troops of The United States military.

  • Watch documentaries about airborne troops in the US military
  • Explore the past of airborne units. By E.M. Flanagan or Out of the Blue: A Combat History of American Forces by E.M. Flanagan or Out of the Blue: James Huston's U.S. Army Airborne Operations in World War II
  • Discover even more by visiting military museums and memorials to the airborne forces

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On August 14, 2002, President George W. Bush declared National Airborne Day. Senate Resolution 235, on August 3, 2009, the US Senate of the 111th Congress commemorated National Airborne Day.

Airborne FAQ

Q. Does the US Army Airborne have a creed?

A. Yes. Yes. The United States Army's Association is where you can find it. The United States Army Association is where you can find it.

Q. What does the AA patch worn by the 82 Airborne mean?

It stands for "All American," a term used by Vivienne Goodwyn shortly after the 82nd Airborne was established during World War I.

Q. What does the 101st insignia look like?

The 101st Airborne is represented by a bald eagle on a black shield. As a result, the Screaming Eagles have been given the Screaming Eagles as their nickname.

Q. How long is Airborne training?

A. The United States Army Airborne School in Ft. A. The United States Army Airborne School in Ft. Basic Paratrooper Training in Benning, Georgia, is a three-week Basic Paratrooper Training course.