National Leathercraft Day | August 15
Tue Aug 15th

National Leathercraft Day

On August 15th, the rich heritage, artistry, and craftsmanship of leathercrafting are all recognized.

Leather has been used to be artistic and utilitarian since ancient times. Leather transforms in the hands of a skilled craftsman. Leather is one of the most durable and usable products available. Leather is one of the most durable and usable leather goods. A supple leather belt or a hard-working saddle hold up to their intended use. Stylish boots and clothing often do double duty, both making us look good and keeping us safe. The choices are endless. Leather products are durable wear and use, and they are perfected over time, special techniques, and designs. And today, leather is still as popular as ever.

Leather workers' dedication and ingenuity are celebrated on National Leathercraft Day, which honors leather workers' dedication and ingenuity. Their inspiration comes alive through their designs and time-honored traditions. Expect exceptional craftsmanship and craftsmanship when a leatherworker crafts a piece.

HOW TO OBSERVE NATIONAL LEATHERCRAFT DAYS AGO. On National Leathercraft Day, so many options are available.

  • Make your own cherished pieces that will be family heirlooms by taking a leathercrafting class
  • From luxurious upholstery to classic clothing, taking note of the finest details, appreciate the leatherwork around you
  • Likewise, admire the stitching and the crisp burnished edges
  • Order a custom piece from a local leathercrafter
  • Wear the leather's tenacity and exquisite quality

Share your favorite leather styles and stitches. Do you have a favorite leather piece? To post on social media, use the hashtag #NationalLeathercraftDay.

THE NATIONAL LEATHERCRAFT CRAFT DAY HISTORY DAY HISTORY. NATIONAL LEATHERCRAFT CRAFT DAY HISTORY. On August 15, 2018, Tandy Leather established National Leathercraft Day to celebrate leathercrafting and inspire others to become interested in the art.

About Tandy Leather Tandy has been synonymous with leather and leather crafting since being established in Fort Worth, Texas, in 1919. One person, one neighborhood, one neighborhood, one family at a time" is the company's mission statement, which is headquartered in Fort Worth. For more details, visit

Leather FAQ

Which is more durable, hand-stitched, or machine-stitched leather? Q. Which is more hand-stitched leather, or machine-stitched leather?

A. Hand-stitched items are taught due to the stitching used. However, since hand stitching is time-consuming, it is more costly.

Q. How can I shield leather shoes from water?

A. You can waterproof leather to a limited extent by using a leather spray or wax. It will help the water bead up and roll off. However, this strategy provides only limited defense against water. During a rainy spell, another alternative is to wear a waterproof overshoe to shield your leather boots.

Q. What is the most common type of leather?

A. The most common type of leather is made from cattle.