World Calligraphy Day - Second Wednesday in August
Mon Aug 14th

World Calligraphy Day

Art meets handwriting on the second Wednesday of August. It's World Calligraphy Day, Nibs is here, it's World Calligraphy Day!

Poets believe there is beauty in words. In a similar manner, calligrapher's find it rewarding to weave those words on paper in an artistic and graceful way. In addition, calligraphers design words in a harmonious, almost romantic style, respectively.

Calligraphy is an ancient art form that is one of the oldest forms of communication. Interestingly, calligraphy appears in China as early as 200 BC. In addition, this historic art form is present in virtually every region of the world as the primary source of manuscript writing and communication. In early findings, literary books, such as the original Bible, are written in Biblical Hebrew calligraphy. Calligraphy will take on a more modern perspective with western influence.

Calligraphy has a special flow of magic from pen to paper, surviving through the ages. Calligraphers believe calligraphy is an interpretation of the individual in today's modern world. In several ways, each symbol gives rise to associations between their ancestry and language. In addition, keeping the symbol's integrity, calligraphers allow for a seamless flow of the entire text as well. Above all, a calligrapher always finds their creative flow and shares the individual inspiration from the flow of patterns on paper.

#WorldCalligraphyDay is a worldwide calligraphy day. HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldCalligraphyDay explains how to OBSERVE Signing up for a beginners course will introduce your soul to a new world of expression. If you're already a calligrapher, why not show someone else how to do it. #WorldCalligraphyDay is a hashtag that can be used on social media to display your calligraphy writing on social media.

The DAY OF HISTORY IN THE WORLD CALLIGRAPHY DAY HISTORY IS A HISTORY. CALLIGRAPHY DAY HISTORY IS A DAY OF HISTORY. Manuscript Pen Company founded World Calligraphy Day in 2017 to bring together calligraphy enthusiasts to celebrate the art of calligraphy. The day provides an opportunity to explore, practice, study, and celebrate the art form's unique and beautiful creation.