World Lizard Day
Mon Aug 14th

World Lizard Day

Every year on August 14th, World Lizard Day commemorates a particular species of reptile. The day also encourages us to express appreciation for lizards and learn more about them.

A lizard is classified as a reptile by its scaly skin. Other characteristics that all reptiles have include long bodies and tails, four legs, and moveable eyelids. Egglaying is the most common lizards. However, there are some lizards that give birth to live babies.

Here are some more interesting lizard facts: Here are some more interesting lizard facts:

  • There are about 6,000 species of lizards in the United States
  • Lizards are found on every continent except Antarctica
  • Most lizards absorb water from their diet, so they don't have to be near water
  • Lizards are cold-blooded, which means they need sunshine in order to survive
  • A lizard's diet is made up of a variety of fruits, insects, and eggs of small animals
  • Lizards range in length from two inches to over eleven feet in height
  • A lizard has a tail that regenerates, which means it will produce another one if it breaks off
  • Some lizards can change colors

lizards have a variety of defense systems to shield themselves from being attacked. Any of them can run very quickly in order to escape danger. When confronted by an enemy, some may make themselves appear larger. Some lizards, such as the Gila monster and Mexican beaded lizards, have venom, as do some lizards. The venom of the Komodo dragon is so strong it can kill a human. This makes the Komodo dragon the world's most invasive lizard. This large lizard is found on Komodo Island, Indonesia, and is found on Komodo Island.

Many people keep lizards as pets. In fact, over 9 million people in the United States have a lizard as a pet. The African fire skink, chameleon, gecko, green ir, long-tailed lizard, Chinese water dragon, and the bearded dragon are among the most popular pets.

How to celebrate #worldlizardday

Special lizard exhibits at zoos around the world mark this day. Live lizard presentations and educational seminars are also held at science and nature centers.

To participate:

  • Check out the lizard exhibit at your local zoo
  • Consider getting a lizard for a pet
  • Read your child's book with lizards in it, such as Lizards, Frogs, and Polliwogs or The Mixed-Up Chameleon Board Book
  • Learn about famous lizards like Godzilla, Puff the Magic Dragon, and Spider-Man's foe, The Lizard

#WorldLizardDay lizards are everywhere on social media, so don't forget to post photos and videos of your favorite lizard on social media with #WorldLizardDay.

History of the world lizard day has influenced the global lizard day

The source of this fun animal day is still investigating.